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Our erotic artwork is based on fetish fantasies that are impossible in the real world. You’ll find a lot of erotic tickling, bimbofication, laughing gas, giantess and superheroine fetish stuff here.


A Ticklish Predicament Episode Twenty Seven

The lost episode! Sext scientist Catherine is tickled tortured by the ORIENTAL TICKLING TWINS and reflects on the reasons behind her escaping the dimension of LESBIAN LUST to arrive at the polace we call PLANET EARTH- PATRONS GET TO SEE MUCH MORE

Jake (Security Guard) Makes Visit to Tickling Game Show

He didn’t think the tickles would get to him, but they did. Now Security Officer Jake is being tested on the “Tickling Game Show”. Will he succumb? Will he surrender to the ticklish pleasures or escape to win the one million dollar challenge prize? He’s most likely going to just come when his balls are tickled! – PATRONS GET TO SEE MUCH MORE

Latest Comic – A Very Magical Tickle

Game Show producer Heather decides to turn the tables on Presenter Rani by using her erotic magic to force Rani into one of the show’s “Pleasure Seats”. Stripped of her powers, the Sorceress must submit to Heather’s tickling desires. Diana Prince arrives on the scene and is swiftle subdued by Heather’s new magic. But will the power prove to much for a certain Amazonian Goddess?

Erotic Audio for Tickling Fetishists

Sexy Foreplay Games for Hot and Horny Couples

You’ll also find “Download and Keep” Sexy Games for Microsoft Windows 10 / 11. Check the menus for more details…

My current project – Wonder Woman Versus The Bimbo bubbles.

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Bimbofication Fun for Catherine and Jennifer JOI Audio

Sexually repressed lesbian scientist Catherine tests her bimbo spray on colleague Jennifer. But Jennifer is immune to the spray and turns the tables, turning Catherine into a bimbo instead. Jennifer fits a hands free vibrator to Catherine and encourages Catherine to tickle her own nipples as she caresses and licks Catherine to a giggly helpless orgasm.

Jennifer discovers, later, that she is not as immune to the bimbofication gas as she thought!

You’ll need a hands free stroker to enjoy this one, guys! An extended edition is coming soon – and so will you be!

Hands Free Stroker Edition for Guys

Hands Free Stroker Edition Panties n Stockings (Extended) for Guys

Erotic Audio – JOI Encouragement for Ticklish Guys n Girls

If you’d like to hear some crazy hot fetish related Jerk Off audio for guys, take a look here. Girls, if you wanna listen to some crazy hot masturbation instruction audio, take a look here.

My erotic artwork revolve around fetish fantasies that are just impossible to fulfill. Laughing gas, mind control, scifi tickling weapons, weightlessness, giantess, shrunken guy, shrunken girl, sleepy gas, tentacle tickles, future fantasies, science fiction, frozen females, erotic magic. My giggling tickle victims are all having a fantastic time. They’re laughing and loving the tickles – and usually coming quite helplessly too!

Erotic Audio – Latest

This game show is just CRAZY! You’re competing against sexy, giggly, female contestants. You’ve got to mastrirbate as you listen to the erotic story unfold, and if you cum you lose! Can you outlast Debbie, Britney, Courtney and Misty? DO YOU EVEN WANT TO 😉 Our most popular sexy series. An extended version AND a sequel are in the pipeline – xx Rebecca.

JOI Edition for Guys

Ladies Edition for Girls Who Love Girls!

Feminized Men Edition for Guys Who Wanna Be Girls Who Love Girls!

More Crazy Hot JOI Audio

We’re testing a new sex toy. Fluffy tickling robots that tease and tickle and torment your most intimate zones. Of course, you’re not alone. We’ve got two hot assistants right here with you, getting tickled and laughing for your amusement. See if you can help our test team bu reaching the end of this audio experience without cumming! Good luck!

JOI Edition for Guys

More Crazy Hot JOI Audio

More Tickly Fun!

Alright then! So if you like seeing helpless girls tickled you’re in the right place! Stick around, and if you want to see thousands of sexy pictures like this SUPPORT my work by becoming a PATRON. Have a great day! Rebecca M xx..

All of my artistic projects are works of fiction. All names, characters, businesses, places, and events are fictional or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to real people, businesses, places, or events are purely coincidental. All of my digital actresses are twenty five years of age, or older if stated.

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Our erotic artwork and sexy audio presentations all revolve around fetish fantasies that are just impossible to fulfill. Weightlessness, giantess, shrunken guy, shrunken girl, mind control, laughing gas, sleeping gas, tentacle tickling, future fantasies, science fiction, frozen females, erotic magic… It’s all here! And if you wanna see the full, uncensored, absolutely CRAZY HOT comics and art sets you can support my by becoming a Patron. Enjoy – Rebecca M.

New! Giggle Gas Game Show “Amazon Amateur Hour”

Some hot Amazon Special Forces ladies come to shut down the illegal Giggle Gas Game Show. They soon find themselves gigglishly taking part in the fun!


Giggle Gas Game Show – Season Two Episode One!

Click the image below to get access to this crazy hot sexy comic…



Couples Therapy – Crazy Hot 64 Page Comic!

Crazy hot 64 page erotic ticking / erotic magic / forced orgasm fetish comic. A young couple tired of endlessly fighting visits a couples therapist. Little do they know that the therapist has magical powers and will tickle and tease every helpless couple until they forget about whatever they were fighting about and get down to some serious erotic fucking!

Enjoy the full 64 page high res comic – or listen to the JOI Audio based on this sexy misadventure!



A Ticklish Predicament Comic Series – All 30 Episodes!

The full and unlimited series! Start your sexy adventure by clicking the image below:

Million Dollar Giggle Gas Game Show Tickling JOI

You’re competing against Britney, Debbie, Courtney and Misty for the grand prize of one million dollars. All you have to do is resist orgasm. It’s not that difficult, is it? We made it easier still by warming the girls up beforehand, as we know a guy will blow his load much faster than a gal. So we massaged the girls very intimately and got them all to the brink of climax.

Seems an easy enough contest to win, doesn’t it? You’ll find that when you’re unable to turn off your vibrator it won’t be long before you come. And don’t forget, you’re getting masturbated in front of a live studio audience!

JOI Edition for Guys

Hands Free Edition for Guys


Hands Free Edition / Anal Vibe for Guys

You have heard wondrous stories of a mysterious island where ten feet tall Amazonian Goddesses reside. Your partner, Libby, is an anthropologist and wishes to see these incredible women for herself.

Soon, Libby is captured and stripped to her tight spandex panties. You can’t do too much to help her because a strange and magical tickling dust forces you to tickle your nipples and stroke your cock every time you try to resist. What’s worse than that? Well, the magical tickle dust has Libby in its embrace too. The sexy dust is creeping under her armpits, around her nipples, all over her thighs and threatens to sneak its way into the edges of her tight panties. And that magical dust tickles poor Libby more and more every time you tickle and stroke yourself. Your own lover is being forced to orgasm – and all because you can’t resist the ticklish embrace of your hot Amazonian captors and their wondrous tickle magic..

JOI Edition for Guys

Hands Free Edition for Guys

Hands Free Edition / Anal Vibe for Guys


Bouncy Castle Fetish Comic – Coming Soon!

Bouncy Castle Magical Tickling Captivation

You hear noises from your neighbors apartment. Laughter and giggling. But the laughter is reluctant. A cop car arrives. You go back to sleep, sure that somebody has complained and put an end to the giggly noise.

You wake up to find more laughter. The cop car is still there. Now you go and complain for yourself.

When you arrive at the neighbors apartment she sprays you with obedience gas and lures you into her apartment. There’s a huge bouncy castle in her yard, and the bouncy castle is filled with giggling women. Some of them are getting tied up, too giggly to resist. The two cops are here too, trying to climb out of the giggle trap before the giggle gas in the castle gets them too.

You squirm helplessly and tickle yourself furiously as the sexy artist explains your fate. You are going to join the women, with ribbons around your thighs and your butt. Lovely pink ribbons with a cute pink bow. You’ll be sold into slavery to a gorgeous Indian temptress. But none of this is REALLY against your will. The obedience gas only brings out your secret desires, and you really don’t want to escape. Do you? Don’t worry. You won’t…

JOI Edition for Guys

Hands Free Edition for Guys


Bouncy Castle Fetish Comic

Latest Erotic Audio – Escape from Pleasure Planet VI

One of the sexiest SCI-FI TENTACLE TICKLE-FESTS we have ever produced! MMA fighter Diana makes an escape bid from Pleasure Planet – but the sexy alien tickle-zone has ways of making sure its helpless guests are kept entertained and gigglishly helpless forever more…

Giantess Stuff!

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