Giantess Weightless Tickle Torture Fun

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Giantess Magical Tickle Dust JOI

You have heard wondrous stories of a mysterious island where ten feet tall Amazonian Goddesses reside. Your partner, Libby, is an anthropologist and wishes to see these incredible women for herself.

Soon, Libby is captured and stripped to her tight spandex panties. You can’t do too much to help her because a strange and magical tickling dust forces you to tickle your nipples and stroke your cock every time you try to resist. What’s worse than that? Well, the magical tickle dust has Libby in its embrace too. The sexy dust is creeping under her armpits, around her nipples, all over her thighs and threatens to sneak its way into the edges of her tight panties. And that magical dust tickles poor Libby more and more every time you tickle and stroke yourself. Your own lover is being forced to orgasm – and all because you can’t resist the ticklish embrace of your hot Amazonian captors and their wondrous tickle magic..

JOI Edition for Guys

Hands Free Edition for Guys

Hands Free Edition / Anal Vibe for Guys