Tentacle Tickling Prison Erotic Audio Series

Tentacle Tickling Prison Part One

Lush Valley Prison is a unique place. Political dissidents and general troublemakers are sent here for gentle, erotic, reprogramming. The all female prison has a 100% success rate. Every inmate is pleasured beyond their mental ability to resist by tickling, slippery teasing orgasms, frustrated ticklegasms and endless helpless pleasure.

Something has gone wrong.

Prison Warden Amanda and two sexy officers have been captured by a strong-willed inmate. Held tight by tickling tentacles, the Warden has no choice but to endure the passive sexual submission tools of her own prison. As an investigative officer, you’re here to witness the display – until you’re coerced into taking part. The obedience gas you have been breathing gives you no choice but to stroke yourself to oblivion as Warden Amanda and her colleagues struggle against their ticklish, orgasmic, fate.

Tentacle Tickling Prison Part Two

This erotic audio experience allows you to experience the sexy fantasy of being captured and tickled in an adult diaper. This clip is intended for adult diaper and erotic tickling fetish enthusiasts. This erotic JOI experience contains erotic tickling, erotic rest play, adult breastfeeding, mind control, erotic humiliation, helpless male orgasm, helpless masturbation.

Agent 69 has been sent to investigate the lockdown of The Tentacle Tickling Prison. When she arrives she finds things are much worse than they seem. Your mission? Listen to Agent 69’s erotic misadventures, masturbating the whole time. You must resist the urge to come, cadet.

Tentacle Tickling Prison Part Three

Agent 69 has been captured. The rescuer joins the other tickle victims in the deliciously inescapable Tentacle Tickling Prison. When Agent 69 regains consciousness she finds herself naked apart from a flimsy mini skirt. She’s suspended in a swarm of squiggling, tickling, tentacles. Warden Amanda is here too.

Amanda is losing her mind to the tentacle tickles. She has been teased and tittilated endlessly by the terribly ticklish tentacles. She can no longer resist as the terrible tickling tentacles prepare her for another bout of orgasmic fun.

Agent 69 struggles to escape, knowing it is hopeless. Meanwhile, you’re stroking helplessly as a hypnorotic victim of the whole scene. You’re going to listen to this erotic adventure play out, listen to the two women struggle against the tickles and their own laughter and the laughing gas and the pleasure. You’re going to come, baby. Yeah, there’s no escape.

Tentacle Tickling Prison Part Four

To enjoy this clip you will need a handsfree vibrator. We recommend the Goliate brand. This helpless orgasm experience contains hypnorotic triggers used for entertainment purposes only. These triggers will prevent you removing the vibrator until you succumb to a helpless orgasm.

This is episode four of the Tentacle Tickling Prison saga. Warden Amanda and Agent 69 are held captive by tickling tentacles. But help is on the way. Another rescue team is on the way, including a hot Hispanic beauty with a feisty temperament. 

Of course, all the ladies will find themselves caught and tormented by the terrible tickling tentacles. The twist this time is that your consciousness will be transferred to the sexy leader, Samantha.

Tentacle Tickling Prison Part Five – AVAILABLE NOW!

Four sexy FBI agents and four hot cops have been sent into the Tentacle Tickling Prison to investigate the disturbances there. Our story begins with the authority figures helplessly sedated and carried by robotic tentacles the The Observation Corridor. This is a corridor in the prison where the worst inmates are placed and subjected to erotic tickling and humiliation. Nobody knows that the women trapped here are not inmates but FBI agents and police officers. The captive women will struggle and squeal all they like, but there’s no escape.

The terrible tickling corridor is relentless. The sexy victims are trapped forever, tickled insanely by the strange devices in the prison.

Even the prison warden has long since succumbed to the erotic tickling pleasures of her own prison! Even though she designed the terrible tickling devices herself, she has no way of escaping them when the naughty prisoners take control…

Ticklish prisoners are trapped in the “Observation Corridor”. This is a special place where visitors, law enforcement officers and elected officials may visit to tickle the prisoners as part of their punishment. But shit gets real when FBO agents and cops are captured and held prisoner in the corridor. Their friends and lovers visit the corridor, believing they will be tickling the daylights out of random prisoners and not realizing they are teasing and tickling their own friends and spouses!

A sexy “hypnoritic” audio experience of this series is now available! This audio experience is intended for men who are 21 years or older and contains strong fetishistic themes, forced and helpless orgasms and a lot of tickling.

As part of the hypnoritic experience you’ll be forced to join in with the sexy victims in the prison! You’ll stroke yourself to a helpless orgasm as you listen to the giggles and moans of your fellow tickle-victims!

Nobody can escape the terrible tickling pleasure inflicted on them. The prison is designed to subdue, tease, tickle and mentally modify the captive. The prison is inescapable, the pleasure so intense that seasoned FBI agents and hardened cops leave with their minds altered and their pussies endlessly hungry for more tickling tentacle torment…

The tickling prison is a popular tourist attraction. Hot women from all around visit the place for the opportunity t tickle and tease an anoymous prisoner. Little do these women know that they are tickling their own friends, lovers and business associates! And little do they know that they too will be joining their colleagues in the endless pleasure paradise that awaits them…