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Wonder Woman VS The Bimbo Bubbles

Diana Prince is seduced by her own invention – a devilish “Bimbo Spray” that will render anyone who breathes the mist a horny, incomprehensible, tickle-toy. Enchantress Rani arrives as Diana transforms to Wonder Woman, but the Amazonian Goddess herself may be too weak to finally resist the erotic advanced of her arch nemesis. SOURCE IMAGES HERE

Escape From Pleasure Planet Part Two

XO Helena Carter leaves the USS Aphrodisia to find her Commander Rani, who has been captured by the tickling tentacles of Pleasure Planet. Carter is armed, ready, and about to find herself tickled senseless by Pleasure Planet’s perilious teasing tentacles. Security officer Paola is coming to the rescue. Well, she’s going to be “coming” one way or another…

The Tickle Wall Part Two

Captain Jake Millard thinks women are weak. He meets prison Boss Rani and expresses his disdain for the new tickle wall. Rani is about to convince Millard that the wall is completely inescapable and that women are not quite as weak as he thinks…

Escape From Pleasure Planet

Commander Rani Shetty investigates the disappearance of the USS Lexington and its single crewwoman, Commander Heather Cartwright. The unknown planet has a reputation for capturing ands tickling any visitors. But nobody has returned to tell the tale…

The Tickle Wall

A 22 page comic featuring Heather and Rani. Heather asks Rani to help test a multi million dollar “Tickle Wall” newly installed at the “Tentacle Tickling Prison”. Rani is happy to comply – until she finds she cannot escape the sticky wall AND that Heather has some extremely ticklish intentions!

Couples Retreat Part Two

A 38 page sequel to Couples Retreat. Michelle and Gavin are still in magical therapist Rani’s ticklish clutches. Unable to escape her erotic magic, Michelle and Gavin giggle themselves silly as they are tickled by feathers and fingers until they yet again succumb to Rani’s ticklish advances!

A Ticklish Predicament Comic Series

Ordinary office assistant Mandy is transported to a dimension where lesbian lust rules supreme! War and violence have been replaced by erotic tickling and orgasmic submission.

Superbabe Mandy struggles to control herself as she’s repeatedly ticklegasmed by her nemesis, the Obabe Commander.

Help is on the way in the strangest form, but Mandy and her rescuers find theselves in incredible TICKLISH PREDICAMENTs as the Obabe Commander and her girls wreak sexual havoc on their foes using science fiction devices such as giggle guns, obedience gas, tickling panties and much, much more…