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Trapped By Pleasure

Guided by my erotic magic, you must tickle your nipples at my command and stroke your cock until you come. You’re not alone. Beautiful private detective Sophia is here with you, along with my counsellor Elizabeth. Sophia is covered in soapy bubbles that tickle her helplessly wriggling body. Listen to her squirms, squiggles, giggles and moans as you try to resist the urge to come! More promotional images from this new, hot, erotic JOI for ticklish guys. Ladies Edition of this erotic audio experience is coming soon!

Escape From Pleasure Planet Edging JOI Special!

This is a new, extended, edition of the audio presentation. The story remains the same with some embellishments, but this time you are made aware of a ticklish punishment penalty which you will have to endure if you fail! So the effort to resist orgasming is even greater this time, as surrendering to pleasure means… well… you’ll find out ;)his is a sexy interactive audio experience for guys into the tickling fetish.

A Sticky End Part Two JOI Audio

Indian goddess Indira joins you for a ticklish time indeed as she is teased and tickled by a mass of tentacles for your enjoyment! You must listen to Indira’s gigglish plight as your pussy is mercilessly vibrated. If you come, you lose!

Heather’s Hot Seat JOI Audio

A masturbation / edging experience for tickle fetish fans resulting in masturbation encouragement and orgasm. This version of the erotic experience is for guys love girls.

Tickling Game Show producer Heather is visiting the studio. She notices that the new automated cameras and pleasure seats have been installed. Nobody told her. Stranger still is the presense of a napping Hollywood actress in one of the pleasure seats! Heather goes to help the sexy, buxom, Colombian beauty but finds herself pulled into a second, vacant, pleasure seat.

Heather struggles to escape, but giggling magic keeps her helpless as gentle pink tentacles undress her and begin to tickle her to distraction – all on live television! The Hollywood hottie wakes up to find herself stripped and tickled senseless too, giggling magic keeping her giggly and helpless as the pink tentacles tease and torment her nipples, thighs, feet and other sensitive areas!

Heather and her Hollywood companion feel hot soap between their legs. Helpless and horny, the two women are going to have their vaginas shaved bare by the naughty pink tentacles. And all they can do is laugh their asses off!

You have to try not to come as Heather tells you her plight, telling the whole story of her capture and ticklegasm adventure. If you come, you have to listen all over again – once you recover 😉


Part two “coming” soon…

Game Show Foot Tickling

Game show hostess HEATHER has Rani in the Pleasure Seat AGAIN. Diana Prince (AKA WONDER WOMAN) is magically transported to the studio also. Will her abilities prove enough for her to rescue Rani, or will she succumb to the ticklish pleasure?



A Ticklish Predicament – Tech Special

Every single item of technology developed by Scientist Catherine is featured in this amazing special! Including – but not limited to – TICKLE GUNS, TICKLING PANTIES, BIMBO-REMOTE-CONTROLS, FURRY TICKLING SPIDERS, TICKLING WANDS, OBEDIENCE SUITS, etc etc.

This one is a real LABOR OF LOVE! Patrons – GET IT ALL AS IT HAPPENS!

Giggle Gas Game Show: Alien Love…

Another current project. Patrons get all the works in progress here.

Wonder Woman VS Bimbo Bubbles

Just finished Wonder Woman Versus Bimbo Bubbles. Full details here

I have recently completed Escape From Pleasure Planet Part Two, The Tickle Wall Part One, The Tickle

Wall Part Two, Couples Retreat Part Two. and Escape From Pleasure Planet.

Please use the CONTACT FORM to let me know your thoughts, or what you want to see next . Kisses and tickles from Rebecca M and The Team.

Fluffy Tickling Robots JOI Audio for Guys

A masturbation / edging experience for tickle fetish fans resulting in JOI and orgasm. This version of the erotic experience is for guys who love tickling.

We’re testing a new sex toy. Fluffy tickling robots that tease and tickle and torment your most intimate zones. Of course, you’re not alone. We’ve got two hot assistants right here with you, getting tickled and laughing for your amusement.

See if you can help our test team bu reaching the end of this audio experience without cumming! Good luck!

JOI Edition for Guys

JOI Edition for Guys Who Like Wearing Stockings And Panties!

Hands Free Stroker Edition!


And receive access to A TON OF COMICS and THOUSANDS of crazy hot images!




Amongst other things, we just finished Escape From Pleasure Planet Part Two. Right now we’re playing with some Gifs like the one on the front page. Patrons get the high res version and, in a few days, an extended edition!

I’ve just finished Couples Retreat Part Two. Patrons can get this latest episode here.

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A Ticklish Predicament – 31 Episode Sexy Sci-Fi Comic Series

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