Bouncy Castle Erotic Tickling Comic

Bouncy Castle Sexy JOI Audio Experience

You hear noises from your neighbors apartment. Laughter and giggling. But the laughter is reluctant. A cop car arrives. You go back to sleep, sure that somebody has complained and put an end to the giggly noise.

You wake up to find more laughter. The cop car is still there. Now you go and complain for yourself.

When you arrive at the neighbors apartment she sprays you with obedience gas and lures you into her apartment. There’s a huge bouncy castle in her yard, and the bouncy castle is filled with giggling women. Some of them are getting tied up, too giggly to resist. The two cops are here too, trying to climb out of the giggle trap before the giggle gas in the castle gets them too.

You squirm helplessly and tickle yourself furiously as the sexy artist explains your fate. You are going to join the women, with ribbons around your thighs and your butt. Lovely pink ribbons with a cute pink bow. You’ll be sold into slavery to a gorgeous Indian temptress. But none of this is REALLY against your will. The obedience gas only brings out your secret desires, and you really don’t want to escape. Do you? Don’t worry. You won’t…

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