A Ticklish Predicament Episode One

Ordinary office worker Mandy meets a futuristic lesbian hottie from a dimension of all WOMEN. But the dimension hopping Catherine is not alone. She is pursed by a team of “Orgasm Babe” special agents. In this landmark first episode, Earth girl Mandy arrives at a rendezvous with her new lover only to meet the Obabe Commander.

The Obabe Commander wants information from Mandy – and she’ll use tickling and pleasure to extract what she needs.


This episode features a sexy “tickling gun” which the Obabe Commander uses to render Mandy gigglishly helpless and a remote control that turns Mandy AND the Obabe Commander into helplessly obedient “bimbo girls”.

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Million Dollar Giggle Gas Game Show

A hypnorotic experience resulting in JOI and orgasm. You’re competing against Britney, Debbie, Courtney and Misty for the grand prize of one million dollars. All you have to do is resist orgasm. It’s not that difficult, is it? We made it easier still by warming the girls up beforehand, as we know a guy will blow his load much faster than a gal. So we massaged the girls very intimately and got them all to the brink of climax. Then we hooked the girls up to machines and the contest begins. Seems an easy enough contest to win, doesn’t it? Well, maybe not that easy. We also hooked every contestant up to our military grade obedience gas, so you have to do everything we tell you. That includes stroking your cock and playing with your nipples whenever we command it. And you’ll find that when you’re unable to stop playing with your cock it won’t be long before it coes. And don’t forget, you’re masturbating in front of a live studio audience so hold it together! Remember, all you have to do is beat the girls. Britney; more or less coming from the onset and no chance of winning anyway. But her squeals giggles and moans will turn you on. Debbie; a foot fetishist who didn’t think we knew her secret. So we tickle her feet as she tries to resist orgasm. I don’t think she has much of a chance either. Courtney; who loves vibrators and is going to love the teeny tiny little buzzer we slip into her pussy. And Misty. Poor Misty. A watersports fetishist who’s going to piss herself before she gives up the prize. Then there’s you. Keep from blowing your load until all four girls have succumbed and you’ll be our grand prize winner. But be careful, there’s a sexy twist or two for the winner, the contestants, and the unsuspecting studio audience. Without a doubt, this is the hottest clip we have ever produced.

JOI Edition for Guys