Super Bowl Erotic Tickling Story

My wife Sally learned a valuable lesson last year during the Super Bowl. She was raised a Cowboy Fan and learned to hate the 49′ers over the years. She foolishly bet on a San Diego upset, partly because of my taunting and partly because she knew the penalty for losing the bet. You see my wife loves to be tied down and played with, and since one of my favorite fantasies include bondage and tickling, I go along with these silly bets.

I had her tied face-down, spread-eagle when suddenly I heard a car pull up to the house. Much to my surprise it was my wife’s ex-friend from down the street. Apparently a few weeks back they had a disagreement concerning some day care expenses, and Sally had insulted her friend Tina by calling her kids brats. After hearing the story I thought Sally had acted irrationally and told her but she just blew me off and that was suppose to be that. I met Tina at the door and she explained how sorry she was and although she was really upset, she wanted to apoligize and get on with the friendship. I asked Tina if she was sure of this since it wasn’t the first time Sally had treated her badly. Tina agreed she had been treated badly but didn’t know what to do. That’s when I dropped the bomb and let her know Sally was tied-up upstairs and blind folded as aprt of a game we always play. Tina got a wicked smile on her face and asked me what I had in mind. I explained that Sally had one weakness to her tough exterior, she wavery ticklish. Tina readily agreed to my plan and asked me if I minded video taping the tickle torture of my wife. I was surprised by her boldness, as she set the ground rules for tickling. She preferred to do all the tickling and agreed to let my wife take short breaks, but expalined that she was an “expert” at tickling and promised my wife would never forget this. Now I knew Sally was extremely ticklish and never really pushed her too much, thus never really getting to enjoy a good tickling session.

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Sally greeted me when I entered the room by saying, “Boy, talk about taking your time, you remind me of Tina down the street.” She giggled at this and Tina just smiled as she arranged a few items around the bed. Sally was unaware of Tina’s presence, and we agreed that her identity would be kept secret until later. Sally threatened me with revenge if I didn’t hurry up, as she talked, Tina kicked off her sandals and crept onto the foot of the bed between Sally’s legs. The weight on the bed surprised Sally as she realized we weren’t alone. Sam? What’s going on? she almost screamed, but I assured her everything was alright, but that we had a visitor who really wanted to tickle her. Sally was beside herself, she was scared but also mystified by our visitor. Sally and I often talked about including someone in our love making but we never felt confortable with anyone we met, but now I know Sally was wondering who had entered our bedroom.

Tina was cat-like in her appearance, 5’11″ tall, dark skinned, long brunette hair, with long finger-nails painted bright red, and size 38 breast. Of course the feature I like the best was her size 10 feet. Sally on the other hand was shorter at 5’7″, fair skin, and short blonde hair, she looked extremely sexy dressed only in her bikini briefs. Of course she possessed perfectly shaped size 7 feet. Sally was yelling for me to untie her, when Tina drew a figure eight with a stiff feather across her back. Sally burst out with an excited giggle, as the feather traced back-and-forth over her bare back. STOP!! she screamed, but Tina just smiled and continued to trace the feather over her ticklish back. After 5 minutes of light tickling designed to put Sally in a state of hysteria. Tina gave a wink to the camera as she draped herself over Sally’s right leg with her intened target the right foot. Sally was now begging for the tickling to stop, but the look of power on Tina’s face showed no mercy, as she lightly scrated Sally’s super sensitive pink sole. I was extremely aroused and could barely hold the camera as I watched with a dry mouth, Tina expertly exploring the ticklish spots over Sally’s captive foot. She used her index finger to trace the wrinkles of the soles, using a slow methodic approach that drove Sally absolutely nuts. Then grabbing a ball-point pen, she drew a tic-tact-toe game on Sally’s foot and invited me to play. I set the camera in place and joined in the fun. We would purposely let each other win so we could draw the straight line connecting the winners. After fifteen games Sally was hoarse with laughter. She pleaded to be relesed, but Tina just smiled and moved over to her left leg. She grabbed an ice cube and slowly applied it to the back of Sally’s left knee and continued down to the helpless left foot. Sally squirmed, bounced and threatened to pull the bed apart as the ice cubes froze out her ticklish foot.

Sally was given 10 minutes to rest, but this time was used to retie her now face up, with her feet bound together at the end of the bed. Tina went downstairs and returned with a jar of caramel cream from our fridge. She again gave me a wicked smile and proceeded to apply the caramel over Sally’s lushes toes. I excused myself so I could go to the bathroom and relieve my buldging member. The excruciating screams that bellowed from the bedroom instantly brought me to orgasm. As I entered the room, Sally was now moaning more than laughing as I witnessed Tina performing excellent head to the toes of my captive wife. In fact, Tina’s hips were actually moving in a familiar motion as she grinded her hips into my wife’s shaking knees. Tina was skillful in gliding her tongue between Sally’s pretty digits, lightly running her fingers over the exposed soles, exiting giggles between Sally’s moans. After 15 minutes of toe sucking fun, Tina decided on a finale, probably because she orgasmed herself. With Q-tips in each hanshe straddled Sally’s waist and began drawing circles in the hallow of Sally’s arm pits. She squeeled as the fine tips found the soft exposed underarms. Tina ran the Q-tips over the outside and bottom of Sally’s breast as they jiggled in rythym with Sally’s spastic laughter. Dropping the Q-tips and using her fingers to massage Sally’s stomach and ribs was a sight of beauty. Screaming and giggling between pleas of mercy gave me another erection, that once again I had to go take care of. When I entered the room again, Sally’s blindfold and binds had been removed and Sally and Tina were embraced in a deep kiss. My presence broke their kiss, only to hear Sally exclaim that it was now my turn to feel the wrath of Tina’s tickle torture. More later…..

Springbreak Erotic Tickling Story

“So, that’s why I need your help.”

“Look, Jamie, I understand you want to get revenge on your roommate, I just

don’t see what I can do.” Maria explained. The Mexican girl had been Jamie’s

friend at work for sometime now, but this was the first time Jamie had ever

asked her to do anything non-work related, if not illegal.

“Maria, you’re the office manager, so you order all the supplies, I need you to

do this for me or it won’t work.” Jamie had been planning revenge on Denise for

a week now after her blonde roommate had gassed and tickled her. “It’ll be

easy, all you have to do is get me another tank and I’ll do the rest.”

“I think your asking me to do something illegal.”

“What if I paid for the tank, would that be illegal?”

“Well-,” Maria pondered the thought.

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“Good I knew you’d help. As soon as you can get a tank, let me know, meanwhile

I’ll be coming up with a plan.”

It took Maria about a week to figure out how to hide a missing tank of nitrous

oxide. It was kind of fun, playing “Mission Impossible”, when she was satisfied

they wouldn’t be caught, she let Jamie know.

“Great, bring the tank by my apartment Friday night and we can set my plan into


“Wait, I said I’d get the tank for you, but I can’t help you with the revenge


“What do you mean? You’re a vital part of the plan. I can’t do this without


“How did I get involved with all that part, I was just going to get the tank

and that was it.”

“Look I already told Denise that I had a friend at work who needed a good

laugh, so we bring you to the apartment, overpower her, then gas and tickle her.

It’ll be a blast.”

“But, I’m not sure Jamie, I mean, tickling someone while they can’t help

themselves, isn’t that cruel?” Maria shuddered at the though of someone doing

that to her, much less two people. As ticklish as she was, she would go crazy

if she couldn’t help herself.

Jamie could see the uneasiness in Maria’s eyes and decided to file it away for

future use. She thought up a quick compromise.

“Tell you what, bring the tank by Friday night, dress like we’re going to a

club, help me gas her and if you don’t want to stay after that, you can go,


Still reluctant, Maria agreed.

Friday came very quickly for the timid Latina; she left the dentist office at

five with a nod to Jamie and went home to change for their evening. She wore a

little black tank dress and black nylons. She stepped into her four-inch black

stiletto pumps and buckled the ankle straps. She was out the door at eight.

She arrived at Jamie apartment and knocked on the door. Denise opened it

“Hi, you must be Maria.”

“Yes, you are Denise.”

The two shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. Denise offered Maria a seat

and then went upstairs to get Jamie.

Maria set her bag down and sat in the center of the couch, admiring the setting

of the apartment. Denise returned a moment later, stating that Jamie hadn’t

finished getting dress yet. She came up behind Maria and quickly grabbed her

right wrist, snapping a handcuff into place over it.

The move had caught Maria totally off guard as the strong blonde pulled her to

one end of the couch.

Denise flopped on top of her and quickly cuffed the Latina’s wrist behind her


“Wait! Please, what are you doing?”

“Just doing to you what you planned to do to me later tonight.” Denise reached

under the couch and pulled a roll of duct tape from beneath. Ripping a small

strip, she placed it over Maria’s mouth. She helped the girl off her stomach.

She forced Maria up the stairs and into Jamie’s room where Maria finally saw her


Jamie was already dressed in a tight black mini-skirt. She was wearing a white

silk top and tan nylons. Her shoes were black pumps similar to Maria’s, but

they were nowhere near her feet, they were tossed to the side of the room near

the closet. The girl’s hands were tied above her head and a rope tethered them

to the headboard. Her ankles were placed across the footboard and tied down

with more rope, allowing her stocking feet to wriggle but not move. A strip of

duct tape covered her mouth as well. There was a coil of rope wrapped a few

times around her waist and tied there, but it wasn’t tied to anything, just

knotted around her.

“You see,” Denise began, “Jamie here can keep a secret, and she never hides her

diary.” She pushed Maria down on the bed face down and tied the free rope

around the helpless girl’s waist, effectively binding them together face to

face. Using a final piece of rope, she crossed Maria’s ankles and tied them to

the footboard near Jamie. “Now, let’s see what you brought us.” Denise left

the room and returned a few moments later with Maria’s bag, the tank of nitrous

nestled inside. “Now let me show you what I got recently.” Denise pulled two

devices from her coat pocket. Both were plugs that had two outlets that fit

perfectly into the captive girl’s nostrils. She used scotch tape on their faces

to hold the lines down, so the girls couldn’t shake them off. She connected the

leader lines from the plugs to the line coming off the tank. She eased the

valve open and heard the familiar hissing sound.

Jamie and Maria were trying their best to get out of their predicament; they

both were already tired of struggling when the gas began to take effect.

Jamie’s eyes went to their feet and widened in terror. Maria craned her neck

back to see Denise playfully working at the ankle straps of her shoes. She

tried to scream, but the duct tape did its job, muffling the cries of anguish.

The gas began to work on her also, bringing forth a muffled guffaw at the end of

her scream, as she thought of Denise’s sharp nails going to work on her ticklish


Denise undid one clasp and then the other as Maria’s wiggling feet began to

pull themselves free of her loosened shoes. What’s better than having someone

helplessly laughing before you? Having two people helplessly laughing before


Maria felt her shoes fall from her feet and laughed through her terror. She

began to laugh harder as the sharp fingernails began to slowly trace across her

sensitive soles. She tried to pull away but the rope held her and Jamie’s

waists together. She looked into Jamie’s laughing face to see her shudder with


Not wanting her roommate to feel ignored, Denise began to run her fingers

lightly over Jamie’s soles as well. Having tickled her unmercifully earlier,

she noticed that Jamie would tire easily, leaving poor Maria to feel the full

brunt of the laughing terror.

After twenty minutes the two gigglers had fully succumb to the gas and Denise

could ease up on the foot torture.

They laughed heartily until the duct tape had pulled free from Maria’s mouth.

The laughing Latina’s giggles filled the room for about ten minutes until both

her and Jamie had passed out from the laughing anxiety.

“What to do? What to do?” Denise spoke aloud. “What to do to them next?” She

looked at the gauge on the tank, “We still have almost a whole tank to use.

Looks like we’re going to have a fun weekend. I hope you two don’t have

anything planned.” Denise left her two sleeping companions tied in the room.

Still wondering what to do next.

Jami Erotic Tickling Fetish Story

Jami was apprehensive. She was crouched low behind the bushes next to Lambda house – the most notorious sorority on campus. She knew she might be caught by the Lambda’s at what she was attempting, but she had no choice. Her sisters to be at Kappa had given her the utlimatum – steal the Lambda’s totem or forget rushing Kappa.

“It’ll be easy” her rush sister had said, “…just sneak in through the basement doors. They keep the totem hidden in a small room with only one entrance – a ventilation shaft. You have to lay on your back and scoot through to get to the room. But do it QUIETLY ! The shaft connects with other ducts and can transmit any sounds you make ! And just remember, if they catch you, they may charge you with breaking and entering !”

Jami remembered the advice clearly. Adding to her apprehension was her worry that she may not fit through the shaft ! She wasn’t fat, but she had what her mother called a “Classic Rennaissance” figure. Standing 5’2″ she measured 38-24-40 – just a bit broader in the hip. But her girlish face and deep dimples made her a cute beauty !

Grabbing a lungful of air, she ran to the basement doors; her sneakers pelting against the soft grass. Quickly, she snatched open one of the two recessed doors and slipped inside.

Jami stopped in the darkness to collect her wits and see if she had been spotted.

There was no noise from the floor above and once her breathing quieted, she assumed she had snuck in undetected. Swiftly, she surveyed the dark basement until she spotted the ventilation duct. It was flush with the floor towards the left and looked much too small for her to fit in.

With resolve, Jami laid down on the cold cement floor, raised her arms above her head, and began to slither into the air duct. By pushing with the heels of her sneakers she slowly inched her way into the square tunnel.

Jami was feeling more confident now. She had gotten the upper half of her body into the duct and was worming her way forward. She heard something “SNICK” and froze for a moment lest she make any more noise ! It remained quiet so she continued on.

Suddenly, her progress was halted when her hipbones hit the frame of the shaft’s opening ! She kicked and pushed with her heels but it appeared she might not squeeze her hips into the tunnel. Her fingers could just barely reach the framing at the other end of the short tunnel, but trying to pull herself through only wedged her ample hips further into the other end where they remained completely stuck !


Upstairs, a little red light began to flash in the Lambda’s living room.

“Looks like Kappa’s sent us another one !” cried Julie.

“Good, oil the floor and let loose the gas !” said Sally.

Julie threw first one, then a second switch below the telltale red light.


Jami could feel the rush of cool air in the vent shaft waft across her face. Stray tendrils of her curly brown hair teased her forehead as they were blown free.

“The air conditioner must of kicked on !” Jami thought, “…good ! That’ll mask any noise I might make.”

She tried pushing really hard with her feet this time only to have them fly out as if they’d been greased !

“What the hell !!!” she exclaimed as she tried once again to push with her heels.

But each time Jami’s sneakers slid on the smooth, oil soaked cement floor.

“I’ve got to get out of here” Jami thought in a sudden panic ! “I’ll come back after the totem later !”

The frustrated brunette tried to pull herself out of the vent but her tennis shoes could not find purchase on the oiled floor. Again and again she tried to pull with her heels, only to have them slide back towards her !

Suddenly, the buxom brunette began to giggle !

“Teeheheheheheeeeee !!!! Oh My !!” she tittered as she tried to stifle the giggles.

She didn’t want to make any noise ! NOT NOW !”

“HEHEHEHEHEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!” Jami giggled as the laughing gas began to take effect.

Jami continued to try to pull herself free from the tunnel but her exertions were futile and only made her inhale more and more of the giggile gas. Within minutes she began to laugh uncontrollably !

“They’ll hear me !” she thought to herself as she laughed uproariously !


Upstairs, the girls of Lambda house could hear Jami’s laughter echoing up through the vents.

“I think she’s about ready !” Julie said.

“I agree, let’s go teach our Kappa Kewtie a little lesson !”

Julie and Sally raced towards the stairs, bringing some very strange items with them !


Jami was laughing so uncontrollably now that she no longer tried to pull herself free from the tunnel ! Not only was she becoming weak from laughing, the gas was sending her into a giddy euphoria.


She flailed about weakly with her legs to no avail, and was only partly aware that the cuffs of her levis had been snagged and her legs raised up into the air !

For a brief moment, the fear that someone would drag her from the vent and discover her assailed her addled brain. But more of the gas whisked that fear away in a torrent of giddy laughter.

As if in a dream, she felt a loosening of the laces on her tennis shoes ! Not sure if it was a real sensation, the laughing brunette didn’t really respond when she thought she felt her shoes being tugged from her feet. But when cool air kissed her bare soles, and she realized her socks had been stripped off, Jami’s fears once again punched through the nitrous haze.

Fearful thoughts of burning matches or pricking needles began to fill her brain, when suddenly she squealed in hysterical laughter !!!

Twenty long fingernails were dancing wickedly across her bare feet ! Jami squealed in uncontrollable laughter as her feet were tickled !

The girls of Lambda couldn’t know until now how helplessly ticklish Jami was – nor could they know the effect it would have upon her. Jami had known for a long time that every time she was tickled against her will she became incredibly aroused ! It wound her clock like nothing else in the world ! At the onset, her nipples began to stiffen and throb.

Julie and Sally tickled Jami’s helpless bare feet for a full 10 minutes; until they had her gasping for much needed air. Sally then took both of Jami’s legs, tucked them under her arm, and proceeded to tease her small, tender feet while Julie kneeled over by the entrance to the duct.

With quick efficiency, Julie’s nimble fingers plucked at Jami’s belt; unbuckling it in one swift motion. Then, the snap of the brunette’s levis came undone, and the zipper below it soon snicked downward. Two buttons on Jami’s shirt came undone and a quivering soft abdomen with a temptingly ticklish belly button were fully exposed !

Jami didn’t really feel her levis being undone, but she definitely felt Julie’s tickling fingers as they danced across her twitching tummy ! She squealed and laughed harder than ever before !!!! Her feet were still being tickled, and now her tender tummy was getting the treatment ! She could feel every beat of her rapid heart pulse through her now very hard nipples and a growing warmth was spreading through her loins !

Sally nodded to Julie and with and evil grin, Julie began to tug at the waistband of Jami’s levis ! While Sally kept Jami completely helpless by tickling her feet, Julie methodically peeled the brunettes jeans down her legs. Saly helped tug them over her ankles and feet and tossed them negligently into the corner.

Secretly, Jami was absolutely loving the tickling, but was afraid the Lambda girls would find out it turned her on ! These thoughts filled her foggy brain when she felt a sharp tug on her shirt ! A second tug sent buttons flying and a longer, strenuous pull set seams to ripping around her shoulders !

With one strong heave, Julie managed to rip Jami’s shirt completely off, leaving the squealing brunette clad only in bra and panties. But Sally’s evil nod ended that quickly. Agreeing wickedly, Julie snaked her tickling fingers up Jam’s heaving tummy until she snagged the front clasp on Jami’s DD bra. One quick pull was all it took to break that snap and in seconds, Julie swung Jami’s bra around like a banner at a football game !

Sally, meanwhile, had ceased tickling Jami’s bare feet long enough to turn around and snare the brunette’s panties. These came off like a wet paper towel and joined the heap of discarded clothing in the corner.

Jami was delirious in her erotic laughter ! She was completely nude and teetering on the brink of the most massive orgasm of her life !

Sally and Julie weren’t about to let her down ! Sally began to nosh on Jami’s very ticklish toes while her fingernails spidered up and down her wrinkled, tender soles. Julie grabbed an artist’s brush and began to paint ticklish little circles around Jami’s navel; swirling down, down, down, until she flickered the head of the brush in Jami’s curly brown fur !

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Jami absolutely lost it !! Between her gales of uncontrollable laughter, her tormentors could her the grunts and squeals of ecstasy as a massive orgasm shook the young girl’s body ! Her trapped hips banged and bumped against the tinny ventilator shaft as she ground out her dance of delirious happiness !

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After several minutes of delightful squealing had filled the halls of Lambda house, Julie said “Let’s pull her out now and tie her to the table ! Once the rest of the girls return, she’ll get a lesson she’ll NEVER forget !!!

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