A Sticky End Erotic Audio Series

An erotic audio experience for guys and girls who love erotic tickling and edging fantasies…

Episode One

This edition of A Sticky End includes a traditional fantasy element that you are wearing “tickling panties”. You are unable to remove these for the duration of the clip and they will tickle you mercilessly until you come…

A Sticky Ends starts with a gentle but powerful (fantasy) induction that will see you powerlessly bound by some very sticky ooze. The sticky ooze keeps you nice and secure so you can’t get away! Also, it makes you feel increasingly horny! Once you’re nice and helplessly set up for me, I implant a very powerful suggestion. You’re really going to find it impossible to resist this suggestion, but it doesn’t matter if you try because i’m using my “resistance means arousal” trigger to keep you completely at my command. If you don’t want to find out what the command is, stop reading now! Okay? Here we go! Once you’re all naked and caught in my sticky trap, I will use the trigger word “FAP” to make you uncontrollably aroused and ask you, helplessly, to fap fap fap to my heart’s desire. And you’re going to fap for me so sweetly until I decide you can stop. Whilst you’re fapping under my control, you’ll be hearing the moans and giggles of the girls I teased to orgasm before you. And there’s a sexy twist to this audio JOI trip too… Do you want to know what it is? Are you sure? Well, after a while I get myself trapped in the sticky ooze too and before I know what’s happening I’m fudding myself senseless right next to you, naked and trapped in sexy sticky pleasure. Have a listen and have a lovely fap!

Episode Two

The second exciting installment of this erotic audio experience. Once more, you’ll be reduced to a helplessly

Indian goddess Indira joins you for a ticklish time indeed as she is teased and tickled by a mass of tentacles for your enjoyment! You must listen to Indira’s gigglish plight as your pussy is mercilessly vibrated. If you come, you lose!

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