Wonder Woman Versus Bimbo Bubbles

For lovers of bubbles, Wonder Woman, bimbo inducing aerosol sprays and helpless erotic ticklegasms!



Diana Prince is developing a “bimbo spray” that can be used as a non lethal incapacitant AND a sexy date night enhancer! Somalian assistant Paola objects to the ethics behind creating such a device and plans to steal it, reporting Diana to the appropriate authorities.

Whilst escaping with the spray, Paola is stopped by Diana Prince. Paola sprays Diana with the bimbo spray to make good her escape but Diana’s Amazonian strength allows her to blow the bimbo droplets back onto Paola.

Shocked, Paola tries to leave the laboratory. She does not get far. Within seconds she is transformed to a horny bimbo…

Enchantress Rani arrives and takes advantage of the situation. Diana Prince transforms into Wonder Woman, but has the BIMBO spray reduced her AMAZONIAN STRENGTH enough for Rani’s magic to prevail? SPOILER ALERT….. Yes, if definitely has!