The Love War Tickling Story Part 1

“The Love War” Part 1 by SexyGameDesigns

All characters are fictional. This is a work of fiction and is not to be interpreted in any other way. If you want to reproduce this story please include this introduction in full. I don’t at this point know how many parts this will have but I’ll post them as I write them – SGD.

Its been over 10 years since I wrote anything of consequence. I gave up writing to get into I.T. Now my creative outlet is adult erotic entertainment in the form of adult games. I’d be interested to hear what anyone thinks of this story.

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“Excuse me.”

The tall girl glanced over her shoulder and then back to the pile of shirts she was folding. She did not look at Gina.

“Excuse me!” Gina repeated.

The shop girl looked in Gina’s direction again, but did not make eye contact with the smartly dressed businesswoman. This made Gina angry and it did not take much for her temper to begin to flare.

“Jesus! Are you deaf or something?”

The tall girl turned slowly. Her eyes were a soft hazel, accented by her long auburn hair which now tumbled over her shoulder. She finally made eye contact with the only customer in the shop; but her eyes did not meet Gina’s immediately. They instead travelled upwards from Gina’s expensive shoes to her cruelly squinting eyes which were fixed on the shopgirl like the arrow in a crossbow.

“I’m terribly sorry.” the shopgirl said in a London accent, “I was busy and I didn’t think you were speaking to me.”

Gina made a conscious effort and cooled her temper. She had reached her position in society by losing her senses with every overpromoted idiot she’d encountered. She smiled falsely and laid out the jeans that she was carrying over her left arm.

“I’d like to try these on.”

“Of course.” the shopgirl turned back to her folding.

Gina eyed the girl carefully for a moment. Something was going on here. She was sure of it now.


“Yes?” The tall girl did not turn round.

“Can you tell me where the changing room is?” Gina spoke with deliberate calmness, but her rage was flaring once more.

“Oh that.” the shopgirl laughed and, for a moment, her accent sounded different. “It’s over there, for goodness sake!” she gestured limply with her right hand, still not looking in Gina’s direction.

“Thanks.” Gina hissed. She stormed away from the girl towards the corner of the shop. She looked back over her shoulder and muttered “Bitch!” under her breath as she took long strides away from her. It enraged her more to see that the girl was smiling as though pleased with the exchange.

Gina reached the back of the shop. She finally realised that she was the only person in the place besides the tall shopgirl. Her spider sense was tingling strongly but she couldn’t put her finger on what was wrong. It seemed that so many things were out of place. The shopgirl was very pretty and a bit too damned arrogant. The shop itself was a curiosity. No customers at a busy lunchtime? It did not make sense.

She saw the changing rooms. There were three of them, each with its own heavy purple velvet curtain. They seemed enormous. Gina shrugged and carried her jeans into the first cubicle. She turned to close the curtain behind her. It moved easily on its rail.

Gina eyed herself in the mirror. She frowned slightly, noting the flush of her cheeks that the shopgirl had brought upon her. It wasn’t good that she allowed herself to get so flustered over such trivialities. She knew that her buttons were easy to push, but it was not something she was proud of at all. She closed her eyes and took a deep, relaxing breath. She made a mental note to have a herbal bath after she got back to her hotel. She started to undress.

The grey skirt suit was slightly tight and it took Gina a few minutes to slowly peel away the delicate fabric of her skirt. Finally, she stood there in just her white blouse, stainless steel Omega watch and black stockings and g-string panties. Again, she examined herself in the mirror to the right of the booth.

Gina Louise Davies was mildly pleased with what she saw. She was approaching 30 years – she had been for 7 years. Thanks to careful eating, occasional dieting and regular aerobic exercise she could still pull off 29 at a pinch. And finding the time to exercise was getting to be tough. She turned her hips to the left, nodding unconsciously at the impressive curve of her own buttocks. Not exactly Kylie butt material, but it would do. She started to try on the blue jeans.

She had her left leg in up to her ankle when she noticed the strange smell, like something between chewing gum and… vodka? She shrugged mentally and figured that, somewhere outside the booth, there was wet paint or something. She had her left leg into the jeans up to her thigh and suddenly the chewing gum smell seemed stronger. An alarm bell went off in her head and she hopped to the purple curtain. She pulled the curtain open a few inches just to see what was going on outside.

“What the hell?” she whispered.

She’d expected to see the shop outside the changing room booth but instead there was a smooth grey door blocking her view. It covered the entire length of the booth doorway, the purple curtain resting flush against it. It must have slid into place, she thought, quietly as she’d entered the booth.

Something was very wrong here.

The chewing gum smell was more than a smell now. It was an enveloping, invasive and invisible fog which surrounded Gina Louise Davies in the changing room. Gina pushed against the grey door but it did not budge. Then, without warning, a titter of laughter escaped her lips. She brought her hand up to her mouth, the jeans sliding down her leg to the floor. Her face a mask of surprise and confusion, Gina found herself giggling through her fingers. She shook her head and pushed again at the door. Then she giggled again and couldn’t stop herself no matter how she tried.

It was then that she realised she was being gassed.

“What? Wha… ha he…” she clamped her hand over her mouth, “What’s happe..e..hee ha ha!”

Gina had a quick flash of fear. She realised that something serious was happening. Then, in the next instant, she felt her legs turning to rubber and then into butter. Giggling like she’d never giggled before, Gina slid to the floor.

“Oh no…” she gasped, feeling her chest spasming with ever-building laughter. She tried to hold it back, but she couldn’t. The laughter was like hot air escaping her stomach. The more that she tried to hold it back the worse she found herself laughing.

She shook her head to clear it, her eyes bugging out as she breathed in the chewing gum gas. Her legs flailed uselessly on the floor as she giggled giddily. In a brief moment of clarity she remembered her mobile phone. Her right arm had become a thrashing uncontrollable thing that moved through invisible thick mud but she could still find sensation in her left arm. She used it to pluck the phone from her handbag which, conveniently, lay beside where she’s slipped to the floor.

Speed dial 1. James’ number.

It rang once. Her left arm started to disobey her also now but she gripped the phone desperately, laughing uncontrollably and breathing deep breaths of the chewing gun gas.

It rang twice. Her left arm fell to her side. She tried to raise it but she couldn’t. She was lying slumped against the wall of the booth, legs apart and arms by her side. Her head was shaking from side to side, out of her control as she giggled helplessly. The phone lay on the floor beside her left hand which was curled sleepily by her thigh. She heard James’ voice, tinny through the little speaker.


Her strength was completely gone and all she could do was make little puffing tittering noises. It was frustrating and terrifying at the same time. She was trapped in her own body, which giggled and shook like a thing possessed. There was nothing she could do about it. And it was all so damnably relaxing. She felt like her entire body was dipped in warm honey, from head to toe.

She renewed her struggles as the sleep started to come upon her. She was being sedated!

But she couldn’t move a muscle now and there was nothing much she could do besides wait for the inevitable. It came in a few minutes and her breathing became slow and regular within seconds of her eyelids closing and her giggles fading out to contented sighs.

The shopgirl slid back the secret door and entered the booth five minutes after Gina had succumbed to the special giggle gas formula. She had great strength and was able to pick Gina from the floor easily. Gina did not stir from her unwanted nap as she was lifted. The shopgirl hoisted Gina over her left shoulder, her left arm cupped round Gina’s thighs to hold her in place. She patted Gina’s curvy pantied bottom with her right hand as she walked through the deserted and now closed shop towards the wall opposite the changing room area.

“Good girl.” cooed the shopgirl, “It’s going to be a lot of fun getting to know you.”

An area of the wall shimmered as the shopgirl approached it. She walked through the semitransparent portal. The wall stopped shimmering after she’d carried Gina through it. A few seconds passed and then the changing booths shimmered also and disappeared.

The real owner of the shop was locked in the Ladies and sleeping gently on a soft pink tossover that had been thoughtfully placed there for her comfort. She would awake thirty minutes later, feeling very, very confused and slightly aroused. The last thing she remembered was a tall, dark haired girl, something that looked like a silver handgun and a feeling of being very tickled before she passed out.

Gina emerged from her sleep like she would have emerged from any other sleep. The memories came flooding back before she opened her eyes and when she remembered the chewing gum gas the opened her eyes wide. She realised that she was struggling against something. She was tied tightly to an x frame, almost upright but not quite. She thrashed mightily but to no avail. Her bonds were very secure. After a few great struggles she realised that she was going nowhere and decided to take in her surroundings.


That was the first thing that came to her mind.

Everything was pink.

The walls. The floor. The ceiling. The X Frame. Actually, she wasn’t sure where the walls ended and the ceiling began. There was no seam.

Again she struggled. Useless. There was nothing in the room except for the x frame. It was difficult to tell how big or small the room was.

“Gassed” she muttered.

Someone had gassed her. No. It was worse than that. She had been abducted. She had been gassed and abducted.

“Giggle gas.” she whispered, suddenly confused. She could fathom abduction, capture and all other unmentionable things. But the nature of the gas confused her. “Why giggle gas?” she said to herself. She struggled once more, but something stopped her in her tracks. The shopgirl had just literally walked through the wall. Gina’s mouth hung open.

“The gas we use differs from situation to situation.” said the shopgirl, “The slow acting laughing gas gently relaxes the body before anaesthesizing the subject. We find that its the best gas for capturing subjects who aren’t aware of a threat or confrontation.” she approached the x frame and smiled into Gina’s eyes, “If we expect a struggle we generally use something like this.” she held up a handgun of sorts, “Its called the Quartermaster. It has four settings and they are all deliciously exquisite.”

Gina realised for the first time that she was wearing only her panties and her thin white blouse. The tall girl’s left hand resting on her thigh brought it to her attention.

“I apologise for the inconvenience.” smiled the shopgirl, replacing the tiny Quartermaster pistolette in her clothing, “I need to ask you a few questions.”

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” shouted Gina, pulling at the x frame fiercely but without effect, “You let me go right now you goddamn fucking bitch!”

The shopgirl lifted her hand from Gina’s thigh and lightly stroked Gina’s cheek. Gina jerked her head away, or tried to. An invisible force was holding her head steady now. She hadn’t noticed that before!

“I can’t let you go yet. I’m sorry but I have to ask you a few questions.” she looked genuinely sad for a moment, “I regret that this has to be so, but matters beyond my control…”

“Help! Help! Let me out of here you crazy wacko bitch!” screamed Gina.

The shopgirl cocked her head to the side. “If you don’t hush up I’m afraid that…”


The shopgirl reached into her clothing and produced another strange device. It was like a silver salt shaker. She waved it over Gina’s face. A faint pink mist puffed out, surrounding Gina’s face. It smelled like peaches.

“What the Hell are you doing!” Gina screamed, “Let me gooo….” her eyes bugged out wide and she clamped her mouth shut, “Now what the Hell is iss ss ss ss ha wha ha ..whatt..” her voice had softened and a strange contorted smile was starting to break out across her face, “Wha ha ha ha ha” she laughed softly, fighting the smile but losing the battle. “I feel… hee he eee ee ha ha ha” she shook her head from side to side and fought the pink gas effects but she couldn’t win the battle. She was extremely buzzed and giggling uncontrollably again.

“Sorry.” she heard the shopgirl say, “But this will relax you enough that you’ll be able to make sense of my questions.”

“MM mm mmake mm” Gina could not form sentances. Her face grimaced as she smiled, giggled and wriggled on the x frame.

“The gas will wear off in a moment. Don’t fight it.” the shopgirl said. She petted Gina’s cheek and forehead softly, “Poor thing. Such a giggly girl.”

Gina was a struggling giggle-box for a few minutes and finally, when all of her protests and curses had been titterred out of her body, she found that her senses were slowly returning to her.

“What was that?” she said quietly, very fearful of a repeat dose.

“Just a simple relaxant. We use that for crowd control at the P.O.W. camps mostly. It doesn’t last long but its easy to round them up when they’re wriggling and giggling in their cells.”

“The what? Crowd what? cells?”

“Nothing.” the shopgirl said, “Now Gina, I need to ask you a few questions and I am afraid that I am going to have to ask you to tell me the truth.”

Gina bit her lip. She almost swore again but she didn’t relish the idea of giggling insanely for the next five minutes.

The shopgirl walked casually around the xframe towards Gina’s feet. She trailed her finger tips over Gina’s blouse as she walked.

“We have ways of making you talk.” the shopgirl smiled.

“What?” Gina was suddenly terrified, “What do you mean? What do you want to know?”

The shopgirl did something that Gina did not expect and had never experienced before. She ran her fingers, lightly, from the heel of Gina’s foot to the tips of her toes. Gina flinched in her restraints.

“I want to know everything, my dear.” the shopgirl smiled. She wiggled her fingertips against Gina’s soles very softly, “Now, where to begin? hmnn?”

“I… I don’t know what you’re…” Gina screwed her face up and her feet flicked from side to side in an effort to avoid the wiggling fingers. But she couldn’t avoid the fingertips. “I don’t like that!” Gina exclaimed, “I don’t” and an idiot’s grin started to form on her face, “Oh I don’t like that!” she said again, between closed teeth.

The shopgirls fingers moved up and down the sole of Gina’s left foot, both sets of fingers at once.

“Oh I think you like it fine.” smiled the shopgirl.

“I.. stop that! stop it” and Gina succumbed to the smile. She felt herself flushing red with embarassment, “Please don’t…oooh.”

“Just relax.” the shopgirl sighed. She stopped tickling. “Just lay there and enjoy this. You’ll love it and when you’re ready I’ll ask the questions I need you to answer for me.”

Gina had regained her composure. She breathed quickly to get her senses back once more, “Wait. Just wait. Just tell me whats going on. Just.” she watched with horror as the shopgirls fingers descended on her right foot, “Don’t. Just stop and listen a minute, will you.” the fingers were almost there again, “No! Just you listen to me! Listen!”

“Shhh.” the shopgirl smiled gently.

The tickling began. Somehow Gina’s right foot was more sensitive than her left.

“Just listen to m…meem meeee.” she had to stop talking to fight the sensations that were xrunning up her leg and making her tingle between her legs, “I don’t… nn nn ha hee hee ss stopppp…”

“Good tickly girl.” cooed the shopgirl, “Such lovely feet.”

Gina’s idiots grin was from ear to ear now and little stifled giggles and titters were escaping her quivering mouth. Her eyes were bugged wide and wild one moment and then tight and hard closed the next. She was fighting with all her might. She knew it was useless. The shopgirl knew it too. She’d been doing this for years.

The shopgirls tickling fingers worked all round the right foot’s heel and then upwards to her soft white arch. Gina had never been tickled before – never that she could remember. She was becoming lost in the ticklish bliss of it all and her feet seemed to be covered with tingling sensations, like a painless fire of tickling had engulfed them.

She was unaware of the passage of time and could not know that only 2 minutes passed before she was unable to utter coherent words. The shopgirl tickled both feet as that moment occurred and Gina’s sighing giggles signalled that her slow tickle-domination was well under way. When the shopgirl moved upwards to Gina’s naked knees there was no outward sign of change from Gina. Her body wiggled and convulsed helplessly still. But inside she felt herself falling deeper into a pit of tickle mania the likes of she could not have imagined.

“Such a good girl.” breathed the shopgirl, “Such lovely soft skin. Such lovely legs. You’d like me to tickle your thighs wouldn’t you?”

Gina panicked momentarily and her eyes managed to focus on the shopgirl.

“Hush.” said the shopgirl, renewing her skilful tickling. “No need to worry. You’ll love this. I promise. I promise I won’t tickle your thighs until you’re good and ready.” she paused her tickling for a few seconds and Gina almost started to protest but was silenced by the shopgirls spidery tickling fingers moving around her ankles and knees, “Tickle tickle.” she said quietly.

Gina couldn’t move consciously. She couldn’t make coherent sounds. She couldn’t form any thoughts besides the same one – over and over: “Oh God… Oh God… Oh God…”