The Love War, Episode Three


Crash Murdoch froze, the fingers of her right hand tightening around the pistol. She watched Commander Douglas carefully for the signal. When it came she moved forward again, catching up with the slightly built brunette at the side wall of the seemingly deserted warehouse.

Cassandra Douglas hugged her assault rifle close to her ample chest, her thumb resting on the mode selector and her index finger resting on the trigger guard. Her own handgun was resting in its holder under her left armpit.

Crash Murdoch had been Cassandra’s partner in the Special Forces unit for eighteen months. They had once been lovers, but had separated over domestic issues. From time to time they pleasured one another, but their personal relationship was no longer consistent and serious. Still, the intimacy of their personal relationship had enhanced their professional relationship to the extent that in their business few women worked together more effectively.

Murdoch winked at her commanding officer. She brushed a stray lock of her long blonde hair back from her face. “They’re holding her here?” she hissed.

Cassandra reached across to help push more of Crash’s wild hair back from her cool blue eyes.

“Thats right.” she said, “They took her from the interdimensional station and this is where they were tracked to.”

“Looks deserted.”

“It isn’t. Be on guard.” Cass looked at her watch and frowned, “They’ve had her here for over two hours how, which means we might be too late.”

“Is she really that important?” Crash licked her lips, “I mean, whats so important about her?”

“Its not her. Its her fiancee.”

“Her what?”

“They call it ‘a man’.” Cass explained, “The opposite gender.”

Crash frowned. “Opposite gender?”

“Thats right. They have two different sexes in this place. Men and women. Men are physically different to us.”

“How different?”

“Just different.” Cass shrugged, “I don’t know for sure. All that stuff is on a need to know basis. But he – the man – is the one they want. He’s invented a new weapon. Thats all I know and even that is too much.” she went silent for a moment and then nodded towards the warehouse, “Lets get on with this.”

Sunset was coming but total darkness was still an hour away. Cass would have preferred total darkness for the rescue effort – or at least for this part of it – but there was no time.

Crash waved her sex pistol lazily. “Cool.”

“Ok.” Cass smiled. “Follow me round to the rear entrance. Stay sharp.”

“I’d follow your rear entrance any day of the week.” Crash said quietly. Cass frowned and started off. Their special combat fatigues changed colour as they hugged the warehouse wall, emulating their surroundings. The effect was very convincing, except very close-up. At the back of the warehouse a single figure stood smoking a hash cigarette. She did not see Cass’s head at knee level as she peeked round the side of the wall.

“Just one?” Crash said.

“Yeah.” Cass replied, licking her lips, “Cute too by the looks of her.”

She raised her assault rifle and thumbed the mode selector to “P”. She sighted the guard and squeezed the trigger. An emerald flash streaked from the barrel of the rifle and splashed against the guard’s back. She did not move or react at all. But Cass and Crash were already running towards her.

They reached the paralysed guard in five seconds. The energy bolt from Cassandra’s multi-mode assault weapon had paralysed every muscle in her body. Her eyes were the only part of her body that she could control and they eyed her two assailants in terror as Crash plucked the quartermaster pistol from the guards hands and Cass eased her immobilised body to the soft ground.

“Shall we…?” Crash raised one eyebrow, patting her utility belt with her left hand. Cass closed her eyes and nodded. The guard lay there paralysed and unable to move. Crash produced a purple jelly ball from her utility belt. She laid it on the ground next to the fallen guard. The guards eyes looked at it in confusion. Then, when six furry purple legs sprouted from it she eyed it in horror.

“Just relax.” Crash smiled, “Its just a mark four tickle bug. It’ll find its way into your clothing and you’ll have a whale of a time. I hope you put on panties before you left the barracks.” she added naughtily.

Cass and Crash ran off, leaving the paralysed guard with her new undesired companion. The tickle bug had already found its way up the left leg of the guards camouflaged fatigues by the time the Cass and Crash had found the doorway entrance to the warehouse. The guard could not move a single muscle and already the little mechanical tickling creature’s furry tickling legs was driving her ankles and knees crazy. And it was still climbing higher…

“She’ll love that.” Cass said, enjoying the helpless guard’s fate, “I remember basic training with those things. They’re really irresistable if you get them in the right place.”

“Oh God yes.” Crash remembered, studying the door locking mechanism, “But worse than that was the time that the mark 5 tickle bug malfunctioned during testing. Do you remember?”

Cass laughed under her breath, “I remember that very well. I met the team leader who managed to shut down the rogue batch. Five hundred prototypes gone mad and a ruptured cannister of laughing gas! That must have been the biggest pile of wet panties anyone had ever seen in the science lab. I know for a fact that six of the lab assistants had to undergo therapy because they got addicted to the tickle bugs after that.”

There was a click.

“I got it.” Crash had defeated the door lock. Cass fell silent immediately. They opened the door slowly, careful of booby traps. “How long a shot did you give her?” Crash nodded to the motionless guard.

Cass studied the guard for a few seconds, noting that the tickle bug had reached her upper thighs and seemed to have found something particularly nice and tickly there. The dazed, horny look in the woman’s eyes told Cass that her panties were either not present or not likely to withstand the tickling bug’s inquisitive probings for long. “About 30 minutes worth.” Cass answered, “Enough time for the bug to work its way through her combat panties. Then one good paralysed orgasm followed by maybe a few tingling aftershocks and maybe another biggie if it finds her little asshole.”

Laughing quietly together, they entered the warehouse. The tickle bug had managed to find its way into the guards knickers and as the warehouse door closed it began a soft tickling caress of its helpless victims hairless and twitching pussy. The guard lay there, blinking only, and unable to call for help even though her communicator was only five inches from her face on the lapel of her combat jacket. As four furry fingers of the tickling bug started her on the inevitable and inescapable journey to tickling forced-orgasm she made a mental note to wear her standard issue protective panties instead of the soft satin knickers that the tickling bug had so easily negotiated. Then she felt the fifth and sixth legs of the mechanical tickler delving between her butt cheeks and any thoughts she had were replaced by the howling horn of the six o’clock tickling orgasm express roaring into the station for the first of many many visits that evening. She felt her puckered anus tickled, and she could not resist that. She would have screamed if she could. Instead she blinked twice and lay quietly in relaxed paralysis as the little tickling device juiced her up and tickled her to delicious, powerless, helpless, terribly tickly oblivion.

The warehouse seemed to be a huge empty space, at least fifty metres long by twenty wide.

“Guards don’t guard nothing.” Cass muttered, looking around the gloom.

“No they don’t.” Crash held the enemy quartermaster in one hand and her standard issue tingler in her usual hand, “Stay sharp.”

Cass nodded only. She was nervous. She knew that Crash was. They’d never tried anything like this before. Nobody could imagine what might happen if something went wrong. There hadn’t been the time for proper planning and analysis. It was the most dangerous mission she had ever undertaken and probably one of the most important.

“This is a complete waste of time.” Crash said. “We got to get out of here and report back to…”

“Shh” Cassandra threw her a hot, irritated look, “You have to stay sharp, or it’ll be you lying hapless with your panties round your ankles and a tentacle tickler wrapped round your thighs.” she calmed herself and spoke more quietly and controlled, “There’s something not right here. We’ll find out what the situation is before we head back.”

Crash frowned slightly and then nodded. She brandished the enemy pistol – the Quartermaster – angrily and hissed: “If there is some kind of funny business here then they’ll find themselves at the receiving end of their own medicine.”

“Cool.” Cass smiled. “Okay, lets check this place out.”

The warehouse was a huge empty space. But it could not be empty. Cassandra thought twice, more focussed this time. The enemy guard – just one? – was not there for the good of her health. There was something here. Something worth guarding. But just one guard?

She kept her finger on the trigger guard of her paralysis rifle. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the taller girl clinging tightly to her shiny handgun. She surveyed the vast emptiness of the warehouse.

It was hard to see anything. The fading light was filtering through large windows in the roof and smaller windows high on the walls. They did not offer much light. Cassandra plucked her sunglasses from the forearm pocket of her fatigues. The heads up display flickered as the tiny hardware came online. A second later she could see the warehouse interior as though it was daylight.

“There’s nothing here.” she said.

“I know.” Crash replied. She already had her sunglasses on.

Cass’s nose wrinkled. She was about to ask Crash if she could smell anything when a warning flashed in her sunglasses: “OBEDIENCE GAS ALERT!”

“Shit.” Crash muttered, “I’m getting an O.G. alert. Lets get to respirators fast.”

Cass was way ahead of her colleague. She had her breath held and was already removing the little breathing tube from her combat sujit lapel.

“I hope we got these on in time.” Crash muttered, “We got to get out of here. Nobody fills a warehouse with Obedience Gas. This is a trap.”

Cass was nodding her agreement when the lights came on instantaneously sounded by a calm feminine voice which sounded clearly over hidden speakers. “Relax Ladies.” said the voice, “Put down your weapons and relax.”

Cass was already running back towards the entrance. She looked over her shoulder, expecting to see Crash right behind her. But Crash was not running. Crash was putting down her two pistols and crouching right where she had been standing a moment ago.

“Oh Christ.” said Crash fearfully, “Get the Hell out of here Cass, I’ve been got.”

“Lay down your weapons and relax ladies.” the voice continued, “You cannot resist our obedience gas.”

Cassandra kept running but suddenly she found herself slowing slightly and feeling the compelling desire to put her rifle on the ground. She shook her head to clear it and continued to run. Crash, meanwhile, was making herself comfortable on the ground despite her intense battle of wits to flee like her commander.

“Remove your breathing apparatus and stop running.” said the voice loudly, “Breath more of the gas in.”

Cassandra was three metres from the entrance when her right hand let go of the rifle and plucked the breathing apparatus from her nose. “Fuck!” she exclaimed, regaining control of the hand and replacing the tube. But she’d breathed another two lungfuls of the obedience gas by the time she’d replaced her respirator. Her rifle had skittered across the now luminescent warehouse floor, out of reach and useless. she glanced towards Crash to see her friend lying curled up on the floor beside her neatly laid down handguns. Knowing she could not help Crash, Cass started back towards the door, but it was opening.

“Stop running and relax.” she heard the voice repeat over the loudspeakers.

She’d been reaching for the tingler handgun under her left armpit but the loudspeaker voice stopped her in her tracks. Her fingers and her hand fell to her side slowly. “Very good.” said the voice as four figures exploded through the door. They were tall, long haired blonde soldiers dressed in grey-green hotpants and thin black vests. Each girl carried a Quartermaster pistol in her hand.

“Now sit on the floor and relax.” the loudspeaker voice gave more instructions to its captive audience.

“Oooohh No!” she heard Crash’s frustrated voice, “Cass..”

“Crash!” Cass shouted as she started to sit down, “Pick up your guns and fight!”

A victim of the obedience gas did not care from where the instructions came. Crash, suddenly unlocked from her spell of relaxation, snatched up the two handguns and fired them towards the four girls who were now standing over Cass.

Crash’s shot from the standard issue tingler missed all of the four girls completely and splashed uselessly against the door behind them. The single shot from her Quartermaster was more accurate and struck the left breast of the girl closest to Cassandra. The blonde’s eyes rolled back in her head and she sighed a quiet grunt of something between disgruntlement and resignation as the handgun’s “faint” setting did its insipid work on her nervous system. Cass made to fire a second time but she was stopped by the loudspeaker voice. “Stop firing.”

“Cass! Help me!” Cass struggled with all her might to fire the pistols but she could not make her body obey her commands, “Tell me to f…”

“Be quiet.” said the voice, “Put down the guns and relax. You are both very relaxed and cannot move a muscle now, not even to speak.”

Cass could not speak now to break the obedience spell and Crash could not resist the command she had been given. She found herself slumping gently onto the floor as though ready to fall asleep and yet 100% in possession of her mental faculties. It was the most terrible sensation of helplessness and frustration she’d ever known. She tried to say something to Crash but her mouth would not work, just as the voice had commanded her.

One of the three blondes tended to her fallen comrade whilst the other two approached Cass carefully. Cass was too relaxed to do anything, though her mind raced with possibilities. One of the blondes knelt beside Cass and touched her cheek gently with her left hand.

“Hello.” the soldier said, “So strange to see special forces operatives from the other side so far behind enemy lines. And in a deserted warehouse too.” she cooed, “I’m going to find it very interesting to learn what you are doing here.” she tickled Cass’s neck lightly, “Okay, here’s the deal. I’m going to hand you a little gas mask and I want you to hold it against your mouth and nose and breath as much of the gas into your lungs as you can. Keep holding the mask as long as you can. Ok?”

Cass’s eyes widened. “Okay.” her mouth said against her will.

“Very good.” the blonde winked and handed Cass a small gas cannister to which a transparent gas mask was attached. “Have a nice giggle.”

The second soldier had reached Crash’s inert body and, kneeling also, whispered to the helpless girl. She whispered: “I like tall redheads. You’re so feisty. So angry. I like tickling redheads. I know you hate to laugh. Ah, such fun you’re going to have.” she nonchalantly handed Crash the same laughing gas set that Cass was now applying to her nose and mouth, “Do you understand what this is?”

“Yes.” Crash grunted softly.

“Good. Hold this against your nose as long as you can.”

Crash found herself taking the offered gas mask. Then, before she could think to resist, she was placing the mask against her own nose and mouth!

Cass took her first breath. The obedience gas had her in its inescapable grasp and there was no chance of resisting the new instructions. She tried to force her hand away from her nose and mouth but she could not make her hand obey her.

Crash found herself in a similar predicament. She wanted to shout out in rage but instead she found herself submissively breathing the sweet laughing gas fumes into her lungs and obediently taking as deep and long a breath as she could. The humilation of the situation started to make her feel extremely turned on!

Cass, meanwhile, was taking her second breath and already feeling lightheaded. She could not resist the blonde’s hands that were gently starting to remove her combat shoes. She found herself concentrating on holding the mask to her mouth as she had been told to and breathing deeply as she had been told to. She remembered her basic training frantically and tried to think of something that her captors had not commanded her to do under the influence of the obedience gas. Once the obedience gas took hold there was nothing to be done besides obey whoever wanted to give you an instruction!

Crash was also on her second breath and she was not so level headed as to be considering a means of escaping this situation. She was trying brute force against the obedience gas, and it was a complete waste of time. The blonde enemy removed Crash’s combat shoes and placed them on the ground as she started to unfasten Crash’s tunic. “Breathe deeply.” she sighed, “Thats very good.”

Crash wanted to shout some obscenity but instead she breathed the laughing gas deep into her lungs. The suddent urge to giggle came upon her and, when she exhaled, a few titters escaped her lips at the same time.

Cass heard her colleague’s first titters and, as she exhaled her third breath of the terribly giggle gas, it suddenly seemed so hysterical that she was gassing herself senseless because of the influence of another gas. A manic burst of laughter escaped her lips. She fought to stop it gushing wildly forth.

The third blonde had crouched beside the first at Cass’s feet. She looked to the first blonde and they exchanged cheeky grins as though impressed with Cass’s feet. Cass found this highly amusing also and again laughed uncontrollably as she exhaled her fourth breath.

Crash was obediently helping the second blonde to remove her combat top as she sucked in more of the giggle gas. She had a wide grin on her face now, ear to ear, as stifled titters escaped her mouth. “Thats it.” said Crash’s blonde, “Help me get that right over your head so you’re just in your lovely bra for me.”

Crash, silently cursing, helped her captor remove the item of clothing. Then, because it seemed so funny, she laughed out loud and breathed in more of the laughing gas.

Cass’s feet were being tickled now as she rythmically breathed short breath after short breath of the gas. She was tittering uncontrollably now, unable to silence herself. Her feet were not overtly ticklish but the helpless obedient situation was making it seem much worse than it actually was. And the laughing gas wasn’t helping much either!

Crash was still curled up in a ball as her blonde started to tickle her feet, leaving the bare skin of her top half for the time being. Crash could barely move her feet as the pink fingernailed tickle-vixen started to drag her nails from her heels to her toes, lightly scratching the arches and balls of her large feet. She kept remembering the command to “relax” as she had been told. She continued to breathe the gas.

Cass was laughing constantly now, gassing herself senseless as a blonde tickled each of her feet. The fainted blonde had come round now and was making her way towards Crash’s prone body. Cass was out of control with laughter now and Crash was tumbling after her. The blonde’s fingers started to methodically and inexorably peel away Cass’s clothing as the commander lay senseless and bound by the obedience gas and her laughing gas induced extreme merriment. Tickling fingers caressed her feet and ankles as she lay there helpless and giggly.

Crash was now fully under the effects of the laughing gas. She was giggling quietly one moment and then, with a growling cough, her laughter became full blown and unstoppable. She could feel two sets of fingers on each of her feet and the intense scratchy-tickling sensation drove her even more wild with laughter. She barely registered her combat trousers being tugged down her thighs and then over her knees before sliding over her feet and being tossed aside amidst the rest of her clothing. Cass was already down to her standard issue undies and bawling laughter with tears in her eyes as tickling fingers explored her thighs, ankles and tummy.

The obedience gas had worn off but by now the laughing gas had both girls hooked. Cass’s hands fell limp by her side and the laughing gas mask fell from her face. She did not realise that she was free of the obedience gas’s influence because the laughing gas now had her incapacitated. She was being tickled all over, head to toe, by nimble fingers that explored evey part of her body that was not covered by her underwear.

The blonde security agents tickled their captors for a further five minutes until both girls had passed out from the laughing gas effects. The unconscious and still grinning bodies of Cass and Crash were carried onto stretchers and then carted away towards a hidden trapdoor in the middle of the warehouse. The blondes and their hapless prisoners disappeared down the hatch and the lights in the warehouse flickered and died.

To the rear of the warehouse, outside the door Cassandra and Crash had entered the place through, the paralysed guard was beginning to feel her muscles starting to work again. The tickle-bug was nested at the top of her thighs, tickling her pussy and ass lightly with an almost casual deliberateness. It had almost three hours of battery power left. The guard exhaled sharply and shook her head slowly as the paralysis started to wear off. She closed her legs and started to get to her feet, moving her hands to brush the mechanical tickling device away. Just as she was about to touch the little furry spider it started to tickle her asshole again, tiny circles spinning round her puckered little pinkness. Her eyes opened wide in surprise at the pleasure renewed. She withdrew her hand and found herself leaning backwards and thrusting her chest outwards, her left knee bending and closing to touch her right knee. The tickle-bug wriggled closer to the half-standing guard’s moist private parts, finding new places to explore now that its victim had changed position slightly. The guard sighed and closed her eyes. Raising the alarm could wait a while longer, she figured. She got on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass, tempting the tickle-bug to enjoy more access to her inflamed private parts. The tickle bug took the opportunity with relish.