The Love War, Episode Four

Cassandra Douglas had many secrets. As she lay, hopelessly restrained and slowly coming to her full senses, she figured that she’d have a lot less secrets than she used to soon enough.

It didn’t matter. All that mattered was the one secret. The one that Crash didn’t even know about.

Cass had been stripped of her combat suit and standard issue protective underwear. She was completely naked except for her gold necklace and the thin black leather bracelet she habitually wore. She had been brought to a small chamber; silver-walled with a low ceiling and a plush purple velvet floor. The room was featureless and had no furniture of any kind. There was a door and no windows. The door bore the symbol of a hysterically smiling face and the legend “Interrogation Room” on a small frosted glass panel.

Cass was restrained on the floor of the room. She was frogtied; her wrists secured to her thighs by surprisingly soft yet unyielding strong bindings. Her restraint allowed her some movement and with a lot of effort she could move around in a tumbling, lurching manner.

Her captors had not revealed themselves, but she knew that the time would come soon. She wondered what had become of Crash.

She heaved at her restraints for the hundredth time. She knew it was useless. But she had to try.

Crash had been awake much longer. She was in another interrogation chamber, less than twenty meters from the one that Cassandra was secured in and an even less distance from the larger chamber that housed the person they’d come to rescue. Crash’s room was identical to Cassandra’s chamber, except that her room did not have a traditional door. She was surprised to see her interrogator appear shimmering through the wall.

“A neat trick.” Crash muttered. It was difficult to be defiant after finding oneself completely naked, tied spreadeagled to a brass bedstead and saturated in cheap tart’s perfume. Crash almost pulled it off.

The lady interrogator smiled only at her captive’s defiance. She skated across the soft carpet towards the nude enemy agent. Crash felt a pang of fear as she realised that the buxom orange haired interrogator was carrying her Quartermaster sidearm and a handful of tickle bugs.

“We’re all full of tricks in this war, darling.” smiled Joanne Krugger evilly, “I’m so glad you decided to bring along so many of your own tricky devices. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun…evaluating them.”

Crash stared coldly back at her interrogator’s clear green eyes. Krugger was wearing a skimpy black bikini with a white silk shirt. She was wearing too much make up, Crash thought.

“A remarkable sidearm.” observed Krugger, “Four settings. Would you care to explain what each one is or shall I try it for myself?”

Crash paused to consider her response. She opened her mouth to speak. Krugger thumbed the pistol’s mode selector to the first setting.

“Hey!” Crash exclaimed.

The interrogator fired the gun point blank into Crash’s chest.

Cassandra had expected to meet her interrogator or interrogators when her room door had opened slightly. But nobody had appeared through the door. It closed again quietly and, for a few seconds, she really thought that nothing had happened.

Then she heard the ruffling, scuffing sound on the carpet and she knew immediately that at least three tickle bugs had been tossed into the room.

“Oh shit.!”

Her bondage made movement difficult, but not impossible. She was able to turn round to look in the direction of the door. However, as she moved to do so she found herself falling onto her back. She lay there wriggling and writhing, trying to rock onto her right side. She didn’t see the nearest tickle bug before it jumped onto her stomach.

“Mother fucker!” she laughed out of reflex and out of the pure ridiculous frustration of the situation, “Mother..goddamned fucker!”

There were three tickle bugs in the room. The first two were having a lot of trouble getting their legs caught in the thick pile carpet but the third had tip-toed towards Cass before launching itself onto her torso. She fell to her right side, wiggling her body madly in an effort to dislodge the mechanical tickling devices. Her 36C breasts jiggled teasily in front of the tickle bug and, just as it was about to head downwards towards her exposed moistness, it changed its mind and climbed towards her right breast.

The thing tickled awfully just being there on her body but when it walked the tickling became impossibly intolerable. Cass’s facial expression changed from struggling determination to frustrated forced mirth as the bug climbed her ribcage, tickling softly as it went. This is what it was designed to do and it was designed well.

“Grrargh!” she cried out, “Get off me! You fu..hehu hee he!” she wiggled her chest again and the tickle bug loved it, tickling her more as it held tighter and climbed towards her hardenning nipple, “Ahhh!”

The two tickle bugs struggled harder to free themselves from the carpet, spurned on by her cry. But they were stuck fast for the time being.

Cass lurched to the left and managed to lift her right arm from the floor. She spun to the left, trying to roll onto her left side and thus dislodge the bug. But her ties made movement very confused and as she wriggled one way her wrist/thigh bond pulled her forwards. She fell face down on the carpet, her legs splaying apart as she landed on her knees. The tickle bug fell three inches to the carpet and lay there on its back, legs wriggling. It righted itself nimbly and pounced upwards towards Cass’s breasts!

She could not move to escape and the tickle bug attached itself to her right nipple with ease. She screamed out in frustration, her ass high in the air as she pulled hopelessly at her bonds and simply burrowed her chin deeper into the carpet. The tickle bug had two legs wrapped around her nipple and its body spun round like gossamer as she struggled futilely and her breasts wobbled in a way that delighted the bugs electronic brain.

“! No!” her breasts shook wildly from side to side as she tried to shake off the tickly critter, “Noo ohho oohh oooh!” she cried out. Her ass continued to wiggle, high in the air.

Just then one of the trapped bugs managed to free itself. It could not resist Cass’s raised, jiggling ass and it leapt straight at the nicely rounded target. It misjudged its leap and landed on the smoothness of her lower back. Cass felt the new intruder and frantically shook her ass from left to right as fast as she could. The bug started to slide off her sweaty skin and started falling down her right cheek. Just then the other bug tickled Cass’s right nipple so intensely that she reflexively pushed her ass outwards and backwards, her puckered anus opening wide for a split second. The tickle bug reached out its tickling, hairy legs as it fell by Cass’s asshole. She screamed louder than she could remember screaming before when she realised that the bug had managed to catch hole of her anus!

“No! No! ha ha ha ha” her ass shook insanely but pathetically as the bug gained more purchase there, “Get it… he hee get it off…”

She fell on her left side, finally, and her frogtied struggling pulled her legs apart enough that the tickle bug could spin round her ass like a cartwheel. She could feel its remaining legs lightly scratching her asscheeks,upper thighs and her damnably tickling perrenium. The spider stretched two legs to stroke the lower edge of her pussy and she felt her pussy start to tingle and her juices start to flow.

She was laughing uncontrollably now, and getting extremely turned on despite her attempts at self control. God, it had been so long since she’d let the tickle bugs at her. She’d forgotten how good the damned things were at incapacitating a victim in a matter of seconds.

The third tickle bug suddenly got free of the carpet. She saw it coming right for her chest, intent on attacking her free nipple. She heaved mightily and managed to shift her center of gravity. But she fell on her back, almost squashing the ass tickle bug which dodged to safety whilst maintaining its hold on her asshole. She lay there on her back, legs kicking involuntarily as her wrist restraints pulled them like puppet strings. She could only watch as the remaining tickle bug marched slowly but surely towards her juicy, helplessly exposed pussy.

“No please… hee hee hee” she muttered in a lusty haze, “Don’t tickle me there! Don’t tickle…”

She felt the light tickling around her labia. Like a handful of feathers tickling her sex just the way that a pussy needed to be tickled. She tried to resist. She couldn’t. She loved the feeling, pure and simple. She was suddenly glad of the restraints and the thrashing, struggling, tickly helplessness which turned her on beyond belief.

“mmmhawoohhh” she sighed, “Ohhhhmy ghhahhhd”

The delicious feeling that she could not resist began to overcome her. She writhed in moaning ecstasy on her back, a tickle bug teasing both her nipples with its tickling touch as another fingered her asshole and the final bug made her come with its tickling legs all around and inside the outer lips of her now slippery pussy. She felt the bug start to tickle her clit and her eyes rolled back in her head. She fell into a struggling, kicking orgasm as the tickle bugs worked their unique magic on her most delicate private parts. She lay there slowly kicking and half-struggling in orgasmic afterglow as the bugs continued their onslaught of her heaving breasts, sweating red asshole and sopping wet pussy. She did not notice her interrogator enter the room.

The interrogator was none other than the infamous Anastasia Teasenham. Cass gasped in surprise as Anastasia walked up to Cass. The grinning interrogator crouched beside the special forces captain.

“So you’re here to rescue our prisoner.” she smiled lopsidedly, “Good luck.” she whispered.

Cass made eye contact with her interrogator, her eyes wide open and pleading one moment and closed in boundless ecstasy the next. “Something tells me you’re going to need it.”

“I assume that the first setting of this fine handgun is S for seduction.” observed Krugger smilingly, “This must be a LOT of fun when it comes to after work activities. Seems to knock dating into the stone age.”

Crash looked adoringly at her interrogator, “Thats right mistress. You’re so intelligent and beautiful. I wish you’d let me touch you.”

“Maybe later.” Krugger grinned. She offered her index finger to the bound officer, “Have a suck on this for me, then tell me what you’d like me to do with it.”

Crash found herself sucking the finger eagerly. She imagined it was the interrogator’s pussy that she was licking, as she desperately wanted to at that moment.

“I’d like you to put it…” she sighed. “Into my…”

She shook her head as Krugger’s finger trailed down her chin, across her neck and between her breasts.

“My…my.” Crash looked confused.

The travelling finger circled her belly button and started to approach her cute public mound.

“Myy..oh! Oh”

“Yes?” Joanne Krugger raised one red eyebrow high.

“Oh my God!” Crash exclaimed, shaking her head vigorously, “Jesus God! Shit!” she spat out at her interrogator, “Get away from my, you queen bitch.”

Krugger raised the gun again.

“A pity you came to your senses before I started to finger your little honey pot. I am so tempted to use the seduction setting again and have you lick my asshole, you little slut. But we’ll save all that for later.” she flicked the mode selector, “Lets see what the next setting does.”

The generously curved interrogater had selected the Quartermaster’s H setting. The H stood for hilarity.

“You goddamned fucking bitch curse!” Crash screamed, raising her hips from the bed as she struggled.

“Shhh.” Joanne Krugger laughed quietly, “This is the best fun I’ve had in a month and I’m not letting anyone spoil it, least of all some jumped up gutter trash like you.”

She fired the gun.

Rage burned red in Crash’s eyes. But then her eyes went wide as the corners of her mouth started to twitch and the first involuntary giggles leaked out of her.

Joanne Krugger stood back, folded her arms and cocked her head to the side. She was really enjoying this interrogation.