The Love War, Episode Five

“Youoc hooo hooo hoo. Stooppop p” Crash bleated, a contorted grin covering her face as she stuggled in complete futility to resist the Quartermaster weapon’s Hilarity energy setting. She was a gibbering wreck, thrashing and sweating and laughing out loud beyond her control and beyond the limit of her senses. All thought of the mission and escape had gone from her as she writhed, still bound to the bed, in helpless euphoria at the mercy of her own handgun!

Joanne smiled too, her face inches from Crash’s moist forehead, her eyes occasionally locked with those of the special forces operative. She could not help but smile. Crash’s forced laughter was infectious.

“Ha ha ha ha ha” tears streamed from her eyes. Her throat almost hurt, “I.. he he he you…” everything was just so goddamned funny!

Krugger smiled on one side of her face and examined the enemy handgun carefully. It was a formidable little weapon. The two settings she’d tried so far were incredibly precise; one forcing her enemy into wild unabashed love and this one making her enemy senseless with hilarity. She couldn’t wait to try the remaining two settings.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself.” Krugger said, cocking her head to the side. Her flame coloured hair tumbled over her shoulder. “Lets see if I can help you find an even better place.”

Crash took a deep breath. Her eyes opened really wide and she focussed hard on her antagonist.

“Wha ha ha what do hoo hoo hoo you wan ha h he hi hi” she couldn’t complete the sentance but Krugger got the gist of what she was saying anyway. She moved lightly round the bed, enjoying the smell of cheap perfume and sweat mixed together from Crash’s defensely, completely nude giggling form.

“What do I want?” Krugger rested her left hand on Crash’s left ankle. The finger tip of her right hands index finger circled Crash’s belly button, “I want to see you giggling, thrashing, struggling and out of control like its going out of fashion.”

Crash tried to snarl back at her captor but her fierce expression soon melted into a contorted and almost frightening clown’s smile.

“You hoo hoo.”

“Take your time, Crash.” Krugger encouraged, “My, this is a really potent handgun.”

“You hoo you’re wasting your…” Crash shook her head, fighting the laughter, “You’re wasting you’re godda ha ha haaamm time, bitch!”

Krugger placed the flat of her hand on Crash’s stomach. Her other hand climbed to Crash’s knee, tickling lightly the soft skin under her kneecap.

“Goddammmmmn” Crash’s voice quavered as she tried to keep her composure, “Do you hoo really expect me to talk?”

Krugger’s hand climbed to Crash’s thigh, tickling fingers expertly working the soft soft white skin there as her free hand started a light, teasing circling of Crash’s tummy.

“Do you expect me to talk!” Crash shouted, keeping her face straight for the first time in long minutes.

“No, Ms Murdoch.” Krugger breathed, “I expect you to giggle.”

Crash’s eyes narrowed in confusion. Then they widened in a mixture of fear, euphoria and pure helpless frustration as the Quartermaster’s hilarity setting combined with her interrogator’s tickling, teasing fingers sent her descending once more into tickling, giggling oblivion.

Meanwhile, and less than twenty meters from Crash’s cell, Cassandra Douglas tumbled onto her left side again. She had almost managed to free her hand but the rope binding her there was smart rope and as soon as she managed to loosen it just a fraction it coiled tighter round her thigh and wrist. She grunted her frustration.

Only one of the tickle bugs remained “alive”. She’d squashed the ass tickle bug and the pussy tickle bug by carefully changing her bodyweight at opportune moments. Only the breast tickle bug remained, and its batteries seemed to be running out. She was almost able to think 100% clearly now with only one crippled bug tickling her. Her thoughts were turning to escape. Luckily, Anastasia Teasenham had left her alone in the room for this short time. Cass presumed that the tickle-torturer was wanting the bugs to do more of her work for her.

Cass flexed the muscles of her wrist.

She had to somehow manage to work free of her bindings.

Ten meters from Cassandra, the thoroughly ravished Gina Davies was waking up slowly from an incredibly strange dream. In it she had been kidnapped, given laughing gas to make her insensible, tickle – tortured and sexually teased until she’d practically passed out from the pleasure of it all. But the most absurd thing of it all was that her experience had been an interrogation.

She lay there smiling as she dozed with the memory of her dream becoming clearer with every waking moment. Japanese tickling twins who practiced their seductive art like they were some kind of sexy ninjas… An irresistible interrogator called something like Teasenham! What a wild, orgasmic, ticklish dream.

“I’m losing my mind.” she whispered to herself, laughing slightly under her breath.

She opened her eyes slowly.

She wasn’t in her own bed.

She wasn’t in her own home.

She recognised the room she was in.

It hadn’t been a dream.

I was real. All of it had been real.

“Oh God.” she whispered. She felt suddenly very cold with fear. But there was another feeling also. A feeling that surprised her. Some part of her almost seemed to be pleased that…

“No.” she verbalised. “I’ve got to get out of here.”

She was still naked but relieved to realise that she was no longer attached to the x frame which now stood empty in its vertical position. She was lying on a bed which she hadn’t noticed before in the room. Her modesty was covered only by a single, purple satin sheet.

“I’m glad to see that you’re awake.” Ms Teasenham appeared through the shimmering wall, “The information you provided us with was most useful. I’m very thankful to you for your cooperation.”

Gina frowned, remembering. She’s been tickled to orgasm numerous times, forced to breathe laughing gas until she was a laughing and gibbering clown. Through it all, Anastasia had asked some silly questions. Was that what this was all about?

She regarded her captor carefully. Ms Teasenham was wearing a one piece figure hugging black jumpsuit with a hip holstered sidearm unlike any gun she’d seen before. Her hazel eyes smiled confidently as she approached Gina. She stopped a few meters from the bed Gina lay on.

“I wanted you to know that I really enjoyed interrogating you.” said Anastasia. “I’ve never known someone to resist my…” she looked down at her feet almost shyly, “…ticklish attentions so well and so many times.”, she smiled and locked her eyes onto Gina’s, “Usually it takes a specially trained enemy agent to resist after the first orgasm.”

Gina shook her head slowly. He mind was dazed. She’d lost count of the number of times she’d been forced to let go of her inhibitions. After a time she’d become lost in the blissful helpless ecstasy of it all. She’d started to enjoy the feeling of Anastasia’s tickling fingers playing her ass, thighs and pussy like they were musical instruments.

“What is all of this?” Gina climbed off the bed, covering herself with the purple sheet “Am I dreaming, dead? What?”

Anastasia stood, hands on her hips. She rubbed her chin thoughtfully.

“You’re not dreaming Gina, but you sure ain’t in kansas no more.”

Gina shook her head slowly. It all made no sense. She eyed the strange weapon on Teasenham’s hip holster and wondered if she could jump the tall girl before she could reach the gun.

“I’d like to tell you everything thats going on, but there isn’t the time.” soothed Anastasia, “You’re delicious, sexy and delightful my darling but when it all comes down to it I’m afraid that you are nothing more or less than a pawn. And your part in this play is about to come to an end.”

Gina took a step closer to her protagonist. Casually.

Not casually enough.

“Thats enough.” Teasenham tapped the butt of the silver sidearm, “Unless you want to be lying on your back and laughing your ass off for the next half hour. I know this seems very confusing for you, but don’t worry darling.” she soothed, “You’re really going to like it here.” she produced a small silver cannister, something like a tiny aerosol.

“What do you mean?” Gina frowned, “You said my part was done. Now let me the Hell out of here.”

“Of course that’s not possible.” Anastasia said sympathetically, “The people of your dimension are every bit as inquisitive as my people and infinitely more destructive. There’s no way you can go back through the portal knowing what you know.”


“You’ll make someone a nice little tickle servant. I’m sure that you’re really going to love getting fitted for your tickling panties.”

Gina suddenly rushed Teasenham, reaching out both hands for the small device in Anastasia’s hand. Teasenham stepped backwards and to the side deftly. The index finger of her left hand quickly tickled a nerve spot on Gina’s neck and Gina, momentarily stunned by the weirdly intense tickling sensation, lost her small moment of advantage. The tiny tickle of her nerve spot made her legs rubbery for a second. She was too disoriented to avoid the quick spray of invisible vapour which clouded round her head as Anastasia discharged the obedience gas cannister.

“Don’t move now darling.” Anastasia said quietly, “I’m going to…”

Gina ignored Anastasia. “What are you talking about?”

Gina reached for the aerosol device again, but Anastasia was a master of the ticklish arts and easily avoided the older woman. She lashed out with her free hand, briskly tickling Gina’s forearm and armpit. Gina felt her arm going weak and her left side tingling. Gina didn’t know what the Hell Anastasia was doing. But it somehow felt good and it made her feel weak.

“Stand still Gina.” she repeated, “Do not move a muscle now, there’s a good…”

Gina again ignored her captor and only in that moment did Anastasia realise that Gina was immune to the obedience gas spray. Gina grabbed the cannister from Anastasia.

Gina studied the device in her hand. Her nose wrinkled from the smell of the gas. She felt like sneezing and she did. The cloud of vapour was forced outwards and into Anastasia’s lungs as she took her next breath, still standing dumbstruck by the events unfolding in the interrogation cell.

Anastasia knew right away that she needed to regain control of the situation. The lungful of gass she’d inadvertently breathed was enough to put her at Gina’s mercy. She was glad that her prisoner had no idea of the gas or its nature!

She snatched the gun from its holster, ready to submerge Gina into a long spiralling tunnel of hilarity. But Gina saw the move and, instinctively, blurted out the first thing she could think of.

“Hey, drop that gun right now.”

It was instinctive, yet immediately and terribly effective. The gun tumbled from Anastasia’s fingers, her hand instantly obeying the command. Anastasia felt cold shivers running down her spine. She knew she had only moments to act before Gina realised what was happening.

Gina’s mind raced as she tried to work out what had happened. Anastasia, meanwhile, was stooping to pick up the gun again. She had her fingers on the pistol grip. Gina could see the fear in her eyes. As Anastasia’s hand gripped the pistol Gina recounted the strangeness of this place and the devices she’d been subjected to. And the gas… Anastasia seemed to think that it would make her obey her orders.

Anastasia started to smile. She levelled the gun towards her victim, thumbing the mode selector to H. Her finger tighterned on the trigger…

“Leave the gun right where it is.” Gina snapped.

And Anastasia found that she could not pick the weapon up.

“Oh my fucking God!” she bolted away from Gina and sprinting towards the invisible exit in the wall. “Oh no… oh no… oh no…” she muttered. Inches from the hidden exit she was stopped in her tracks by…


Anastasia’s flight quickly became a stumbling, flailing stagger as she tried so hard to make herself run that last two meters. But she was powerless to resist the gas and came to a halt just out of arms reach of the door. Gina, still confused, covered her nakedness with the sheet and walked up to her captor.

“What the Hell is going on here? What is this gas?”

The obedience gas could force its victim to perform any physical task but it could not as yet control the part of the brain that dealt with communication. Anastasia, although helplessly compelled to stand still, was easily able to resist the impulse to reveal the answers to Gina’s questions.

“Why aren’t you running away?” Gina said softly, almost to herself, “What is this gas for? What were those things you were telling me to do?.” she cocked an eyebrow and then smiled suddenly, “You seemed pretty sure that I’d be ready to do what you said.” she looked at the little gas cannister again, “And you ran away from me but now you can’t run anymore.Okay. I think I get it. Now, why don’t you turn yourself around and come back here to me.”

“No!” Anastasia snapped, but her body did exactly as she had been told. She was soon facing her intended victim.

Gina couldn’t believe her luck. She shook her head.

“You know, this is the weirdest fucking thing I have ever known.” she shrugged, “But if this gas makes you do what I tell you to then I’m going to take advantage of it.” Gina could not help grinning, “Okay, I’m going to give you a good old spraying with this thing just to make sure that you’re going to be a good, obedient girl for me. And when I spray I want you to breathe as deeply as you can.”

“You have no idea what you’re playing with! You’re out of your league her, sister and you…”

“Hush now.” Gina soothed, raising the obedience gas dispensor, “Breath deeply now.”

Speechless, Anastasia leaned forward and breathed the gas dutifully as Gina pressed the dispensor.

“That’s better. We’re going to have some fun now, don’t you agree?”

Anastasia said nothing, but her head nodded slowly against her will.

“Now, why don’t you take off your clothes.”

Anastasia resisted, but it was useless. She started to remove her black plimsoles.

“Nice and slow.” said Gina, “We’ve got all the time we want.”

Anastasia’s hips wiggled as she tried to resist her own hands pulling down the figure hugging pants.

“You wiggle away, honey.” Gina encouraged, “But just make sure you strip off for me and we’ll see how you like a taste of your own medicine.”

It agonised Anastasia but she had no choice but to continiue her forced striptease. She found herself wiggling more now, but more for Gina’s enjoyment than for her own resistance. She pushed the bottoms down to her knees, revealing her lacy black panties.

“Lovely panties.” Gina got into the spirit of things, “Why don’t you put your hand inside them and give yourself a nice little rub.”


“Hush.” Gina repeated,

Crash, breathless, was coming to her senses. She could control her breathing now and although she occasionally found small outbursts of laughter escaping her lips things did not seem quite so hilarious as they had a few minutes previous.

She had never been victim to the four incapacitating yet delicious effects of the Quartermaster pistol. She did not know what to expect of the remaining two settings. She had, indeed, never even used them against an enemy target.

“The next mode is F.” Joanne Krugger observed, “F for fun? Fuck?” she shrugged, “Care to enlighten me, or do I just go ahead and shoot.”

“Float.” Crash blurted out, “It makes the victim float away like a balloon.”

“Very good.” Krugger nodded, “I am glad you are cooperating at last.” she thumbed the mode selector to the final setting. “We won’t be using that setting at the moment. Now, the last one is E. Now is that E for…?”

Crash did not answer.

Krugger stepped back a pace and raised the handgun at arms length.


Crash was silent. She glared at her captor.

“Silly girl. I’ll know in a moment anyway.”

She squeezed the trigger.

And then she knew.