Tentacle Tickles

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There has not been any contact with the USS Aphrodisia for twenty hours. Commander Johnathon Davis, Lieutenant Malcolm Collins, and Lieutenant Michael Boseman are considered lost in action. Science officer Commander Jessica Moon and Security Officer Lieutenant Alison Matrix have also been out of contact for the same amount of time. The ship’s last known position was orbiting a mysterious M class planet referred to locally as “The Pleasure Planet”.

Space Fleet assigned a second ship, the USS Courage, to investigate the disappearance of USS Aphrodisia. The Captain is Karen Hall. Ship’s first officer is Science Officer Lieutenant Commander Jean Grey, a certified genius from the Space Fleet academy of logic. The ship’s pilot and security officer is Lieutenant Diana Cook, a buxom martial artist from Texas.

There are rumors that the planet is inhabited by a species of semi-sentient creatures that feed on radiated human emotions. The appearance of these creatures is not known as no science reports have been returned from The Pleasure Planet. USS Aphrodisia’s mission was to investigate and return to Space Fleet with a detailed report of the lifeforms occupying this planet. Aphrodisia has not replied to Space Fleet communications since arriving at Pleasure Planet.

The all female crew of USS Courage soon discover a world filled with tickling tentacles, immobilising freeze gas, giggle gas, and an alien funfair that they can never escape. Can you resist the sound of these sexy ladies struggling to resist the terribly ticklish alien tentacles?