Sexiest Lesbian Lovers Part Two

Tentacle Tickling Prison Episode One Hands Free Male Panties Edition

Lush Valley Prison is a unique place. Political dissidents and general troublemakers are sent here for gentle, erotic, reprogramming. The all female prison has a 100% success rate. Every inmate is pleasured beyond their mental ability to resist by tickling, slippery teasing orgasms, frustrated ticklegasms and endless helpless pleasure.

You’ll need a hands free Goliate, Blowmotion or Stroker style vibrator to enjoy this clip! You should also be wearing a nice, tight, pair of women’s panties! â€“ More Information

JOI Edition for Guys

Hands Free Edition for Guys


Some erotic magic here at the hands of your hot hostesses. You’ll be magically tickled, tingled, encouraged to stroke yourself. The girls have you completely under your control – until I turn the tables on them! â€“ MORE INFORMATION