Pleasure Seats Nipple Tickling Set One

Three beautiful women have been paid three thousand dollars to take part in a very sexy experiment. Three guys will also be taking part. The ladies are going to be tickled until they wet their panties.

Amanda is a fitness instructor. She’s twenty-eight years old and married to a successful movie actor. Amanda works out five days a week and has a tight, athletic, figure. Amanda has trained in traditional martial arts and kick boxing. She teaches yoga and general fitness to her class of female students in the Manhattan sports centre she owns.

Sherrie is a thirty-six-year-old blonde actress. She works in the same TV studio as Amanda’s husband. Sherrie is curvy, with an amazingly hot forty-six, thirty-six, forty-four-inch figure.

The last participant is Emily. Emily flaunts a voluptuous figure and is forty years old. Emily is produces the TV show Amanda’s husband works on. Emily did not originally want to take part in this experiment, but Amanda and Sherrie persuaded her to join in the fun.

Amanda, Sherrie and Emily have agreed to be tied and tickled in the sexiest way possible. The objective is to see how wet their panties can become, and if it is possible for each woman. Every participant is a very willing subject, more than happy to earn thousands of dollars for just a little laughter. To earn this money, the women must sit in custom designed pleasure seats with their hands tied behind their backs and their legs spread wide open. The women are allowed to wear cotton sports bras and sexy, tight tight, nylon panties.

When the experiment is conducted, the women will be tickled by three expert ticklers. These ebony beauties come from Somalia and do not speak a word of English. But they are extremely skilled with tickling. The three women have been told that the Somalian ticklers will only be tickling their feet. But the ebony beauties are very naughty and have been known to tickle their victims in other, much sexier, places…

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