Pantyhose Tickling Trap

Poor Mistress Jasmine has gotten herself into trouble again. She’s been caught in my tickling harem along with three other sexy, ticklish, mistresses. They struggle like crazy, but they cannot escape the magical tickling beds they are trapped in.

You’re coming to rescue them all! Bold and brave, you march into my lair only to find yourself swiftly subdued. When you regain your senses, you are wearing a pair of sheer pantyhose and a male stroker is buzzing you to distraction. You’ve been breathing obedience gas and the sudden compulsion to tickle your nipples begins to make your fingers wiggle. The more Mistress Jasmine giggles, the more you tickle yourself.

Can you make it to the end of the clip without cumming in your stroker? You better, because you’ll be joining my stable of sexy slaves if you cum. My first guy! All ticklish and helpless in his inscapable sexy pantyhose…

You’ll need a hands free stroker to enjoy this clip – and a pair of pantyhose! Get into your pantyhose and then lay back and relax. Let me do the work for you, baby!