Christmas 2023 Freebie Number One!

Heather’s Perfect Pussy

This comic goes on and on, but at the time I thought “the more the merrier”. Anyway, let me know if you agree – SCROLL DOWN TO FIND COMIC!

I’ll be making a free comic available EVERY DAY between 9th December and 24th December!

These FREE comics will STOP being free in 2024. Please do not share or redistribute!

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Bimbo Magic Audio JOI for Guys!

A “masturbation encouragement” erotic audio experience! Sexually repressed lesbian scientist Catherine tests her bimbo spray on colleague Jennifer. But Jennifer is immune to the spray and turns the tables, turning Catherine into a bimbo instead. Jennifer fits a hands free vibrator to Catherine and encourages Catherine to tickle her own nipples as she caresses and licks Catherine to a giggly helpless orgasm...

Hands Free Stroker Edition for Guys

Hands Free Stroker Edition Panties n Stockings (Extended) for Guys

Bimbo Transformation Edition for Guys


Slaver Trap JOI Audio – Resistance Means Arousal!!

Sorceress Jasmine has been stripped of her powers and trapped in my magical tickling harem. There are three other helpless, powerless, sorceresses with her. They struggle like crazy, but they cannot escape the magical tickling beds they are trapped in.

Help is on the way! You’ve “come” to rescue them all! Bold and brave, you march into my lair only to find yourself swiftly subdued by erotic magic, making you powerless to resist my commands. You can’t help but play with your nipples, and the more Mistress Jasmine laughs the more you play with yourself.

My magic controls you in this clip, and you find that resisting my control causes incredible arousal. Can you stop stroking your cock before you succumb to my ticklish harem and join the ladies forever?

Can you make it to the end of the clip without stroking yourself to orgasm? Well, you better! Otherwise you’ll be joining my stable of sexy slaves, all tickled pink, teased to orgasm and completely helpless in your own magical tickling bed.

JOI Edition for Guys Who Love Girls

JOI Edition for Guys Who Love Girls AND Wearing Sexy Stockings!