Christmas 2023 Freebie Number 8

Tickling The Boss Episode One

Indian Executive Shadiyah is brought down a peg or two by her sexy maid in this giggly, tickly, story…

I’ll be making a free comic available EVERY DAY between 9th December and 24th December! These comics will STOP being free on the first day of 2024. Please do not share or redistribute these!


Tickling Game Show Tickling JOI

You’re competing against Britney, Debbie, Courtney and Misty for the grand prize of one million dollars. All you have to do is resist orgasm. It’s not that difficult, is it? We made it easier still by warming the girls up beforehand, as we know a guy will blow his load much faster than a gal.

Seems an easy enough contest to win, doesn’t it? You’ll find that when you’re unable to turn off your vibrator it won’t be long before you come. And don’t forget, you’re getting masturbated in front of a live studio audience…

JOI Edition for Guys

JOI Edition for Guys – Magical Tickling Stockings Edition

Hands Free Edition for Guys


Hands Free Edition / Anal Vibe for Guys

Tickling The Boss

Cassandra is a powerful executive. Worth millions, controlling billions. Every day her life choices affect thousands of people around the world.

Cassandra’s stylist, Sandy, learns that Cassandra has plans to buy out and sell the salon francise. Sandy has a plan to change Cassandra’s mind, and that deviously ticklish plan involves a little bit of and a whole lot of orgasmic tickling fun. And Cassandra’s going to change her mind – whether she likes it or not!

This is an erotic JOI fantasy for guys who like the tickling fetish. You listen to this clip and stroke yourself senseless as Cassandra is tickled senseless!

JOI Edition for Guys