Christmas 2023 Freebie Number 4

Jean And The Tiny Ticklers Episode One

Jean’s shrinking machine reduces her friends to tiny versions of their former selves, but they seek ticklish vengeance using giggle gas and more of Jean’s naughty inventions…

I’ll be making a free comic available EVERY DAY between 9th December and 24th December! These comics will STOP being free on the first day of 2024. Please do not share or redistribute these!


Giantess Magical Tickle Dust Erotic Audio JOI

An erotic audio “masturbation encouragement” clip for guys n gals:

My magical dust makes you tickle and stroke yourself helplessly as your partner, Libby, is undressed and tickled to orgasm by her Giantess captors. The only hope you both have of escaping is if you somehow can avoid coming as the giantess magic makes you stroke to squiggling, struggling, oblivion.

Before you both know it, you are both at the mercy of these strange Amazonian giantesses. Your partner is tied in tight panties only, her hands behind her back and ankles together. She is teased and tickled by the largest woman you have ever seen, and a sprinkling of magical tickle dust ensures you won’t be helping her anytime soon…

JOI Edition for Guys

Hands Free Edition for Guys