Christmas 2023 Freebie Number 3

The Tickle Wall Episode One

Warden Heather asks Paola to test a state of the art multi million dollar “Tickle Wall” newly installed at the “Tentacle Tickling Prison”. The tickle wall is designed to trap escaping prisoners, rendering them helpless until they can be placed back in their pleasure cells. Paola finds she cannot escape the sticky wall AND that Heather has some very naughty intentions with her once she is helpless!

I’ll be making a free comic available EVERY DAY between 9th December and 24th December!

These FREE comics will STOP being free in 2024. Please do not share or redistribute these!


Tentacle Tickling Prison Episode One Hands Free Male Panties Edition

Lush Valley Prison is a unique place. Political dissidents and general troublemakers are sent here for gentle, erotic, reprogramming. The all female prison has a 100% success rate. Every inmate is pleasured beyond their mental ability to resist by tickling, slippery teasing orgasms, frustrated ticklegasms and endless helpless pleasure. Something has gone wrong.

Prison Warden Amanda and two sexy officers have been captured by a strong-willed inmate. Held tight by tickling tentacles, the Warden has no choice but to endure the passive sexual submission tools of her own prison. As an investigative officer, you’re here to witness the display – until you’re into taking part. The obedience gas you have been breathing gives you no choice but to lie helplessly as your hands free vibrator masturbates you to oblivion as Warden Amanda and her valiant colleagues struggle against their ticklish, orgasmic, fate.

JOI Edition for Guys

Hands Free Edition for Guys