Christmas 2023 Freebie Number 14

A Ticklish Predicament Episode Five

Mandy, helpless in her tickling panties, is discovered by a cleaning woman. The cleaning woman, whose command of English is not perfect, misunderstands Mandy’s predicament. The cleaning woman thinks that Mandy is roleplaying some erotic fantasy – and she is more than happy to oblige! Helplessly buzzed and tickled in her scifi panties, Mandy cannot resist the sexy advances of her new lesbian companion. But help arrives in the most unlikely and bewildering of ways…

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Tara’s Ticklish Taint

Your girlfriend has disappeared in the valley of the tickling faeries. You hire Ms. Danvers, a private detective, to go in there and get her out. Unfortunately, Ms. Danvers soon finds herself in a terribly ticklish predicament as the naughty faeries reduce her to her thin purple panties and soon nothing at all. Then her terribly ticklish taint is vulnerable to their terribly ticklish advances!

You want to help out, but your magical stockings seem to have a strange power that makes you tickle your nipples every time you hear a certain silly boing sound (and you hear a LOT of this). You also have the strange urge to masturbate every time you hear Ms. Danvers laughing! And Ms. Danvers finds it REALLY REALLY funny when she sees you tickle your own nipples… 

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