The Brothel – An Erotic Tickling Story

The Brothel by Unknown

Anna stared into the badge held by the female officer, and wondered what had went wrong. It had started out innocent enough, two females had entered the brothel claiming to be into female bondage and had flashed large bills around which got the Madams’ attention and prompt response. The ladies had requested as many girls as was available, since the brothel was understaffed, and two of the girls were busy with another client, the Madam rounded up all the ones left. This consisted of Anna, Connie, Mary and the Madam herself.

The female clients said that they were new at this and would the Madam help them out. The Madam said she would be delighted to help. She lead the group into what she called the Dungeon. The ladies looked around and ogled at the various types of bondage equipment. One lady, a blonde pointed at two devices and asked how they worked. The Madam called her ladies over to demonstrate as she explained, “This is called a Pillory, or Stocks. This one can hold up to three victims.” “Ohhh…” said the other client, a redhead, “can you please show us what it looks like filled up?” she giggled. The Madam smiled, “Of course, ladies if you please…” She opened up the devices and Anna, Connie and Mary climbed in and seated them selves in. “This Pillory” the Madam explained, “is designed to hold the feet together and the hands to the sides.” She then locked the three girls in. The ladies looked at the now helpless girls and the blonde giggling said “I don’t see how they can be made more helpless then THAT!.”

The Madam smiled again and said “Wanna bet, just watch!” And she then took a wide leather strap bound Anna’s (who was in the middle) ankles together and secured it to the stock, and then got a few more straps and going around behind Anna and cinched her legs together above and below the knees, and then strapped her arms to her legs which in her sitting position (the stocks caused her to sit bent forward and her knees bent up) made her unable to move at all. The Madam repeated this to the other two and stepped back. “How’s that?” she asked. “Very nice!” said the blonde, rubbing herself, “what can you do to them like that?” “Well I like to torture them like this!” and she went up to Anna, who tried to shy away, and removed her high heels, exposing her size 10 barefeet. Anna started to protest, “Now wait a min….mmmpphh”. she side as the Madam place a leather gag over her mouth saying “She talks too much sometimes, would you like the others gagged too?” The ladies nodded eagerly, both rubbing themselves by thitime. When that was done, the Madam went to Anna’s feet and quickly ran her long nails up her feet from heel to toes causing an explosive reaction from the bound girl, “MMMMPPPPHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!” Anna rocked the stocks, but they held tight.

“MY she’s a ticklish one!” commented the redhead with a sinister grin. “Yes, but it works better when you have them COMPLETELY helpless, WATCH! grinned the Madam. She went to a drawer in the stocks and pulled out some string. “If you tie their toes up, then they cant move and ALL my girls are really ticklish, she giggled “even me.” Anna began to wiggle her beautiful large feet away, but there was no where to go. The Madam slapped her feet, “Behave slave-girl, or it will be the Itching Power for you!” Anna’s eyes widened and she shook her head no. “Then obey me slave!” she said giving the ticklish feet another slap. Anna hung her head and became docile. “What is Itching Powder for?” asked the blonde. “OH, you put it on their feet, and it itches like CRAZY, I know, I have had it done to me before.” the Madam explained.

Anna sat by completely submissive, as the Madam tied her nice thick, toes together and then tied them to an eye-bolt set in the top on the stock just above Anna’s feet. “The rope pulls the toes back and makes them helpless, and you can get in between the toes.” Madam said. She demonstrated this by taking a soft feather and running it up and down the soft creamy smooth bottoms of Anna’s helpless feet. Anna’s eyes bulged and she screamed into her gag while shaking back and forth. “AAAAHHHH, AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!”The Madam ran the feather up and down her ticklish targets several times each, causing Anna to go to pieces, then she reversed the feather and used the pointed end to draw circles on the instep and tickle in between the toes. “N-N-NOOO, MMMMPPHHH HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHA!!!” screamed Anna. The Madam stepped back and admired her helpless slave-girl’s barefeet. “Would you two like to try?” she said with a smile. “Sure, can we do this to the others also?” the redhead asked. &quoh hell yes,” the Madam giggled, “they are ticklish too!” And she proceeded to remove the shoes of the other two helpless girls who meekly submitted to the toe-ties.

The Madam called over her shoulder as she moved toward the door, “I must make a run real quick, there are more gags in the drawer, have fun!” and she walked out the door and down the hall. After she moved out the door, the redhead quickly move to watch her as the blonde quickly gagged the other two helpless women, who looked strangely at them, but submitted to the gagging. They waited until they heard a door shut and a car drive off. “She’s gone” reported the redhead.

The blonde went over to the three helpless women, smiled evilly and reached into her pocket, pulled out a wallet and shoved it into Anna’s face with it open. Anna’s eyes widened as she was the badge. “Undercover officer Wilson, dearie,” she said to her captive audience. “We are investigation a murder, and we were let her, nice of you to tie yourselves up and give us a nice interrogation set-up.” she grinned. The three captive women began to whimper and moan. “Oh be quiet slaves!” she commanded as she ran her sharp nails up and down the ticklish, tied-up pairs of barefeet in front of her. This got an immediate, violent, response. The three women in turn, as their feet were tickled, jumped and thrashed in the stocks, and giggled hysterically, “AAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH, N-NNNNNOOOOO, HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!!”

Wilson ran her nails in circles over Anna’s left foot, and the feather between her toes on the right. “AAAAGGHH!!! AAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!”she giggled helplessly as her barefeet were tortured. Meanwhile, the redhead, ran the nails of both hands up and down quickly and side to side on Connie’s sensitive feet, and then tickled in between her toes, causing her to thrash about. “nnnn-nnoooo-ooo, heheheheheh HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!” she screamed beneath the gag. Strangely Mary looked terrified, was left alone for the moment. Wilson turned to her partner, “Beck, go secure the rest of the girls and see if our informant was correct and she’s here.”

Wilson turned to Anna, “Where are the rest of the ladies?” she asked sweetly as jiggled her nails randomly up and down the helpless women’s tightly bound feet. Anna said nothing as she giggled hysterically”heheheheheheeheheheheehe—AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HANNNNOOOOOOOOHAHAHAHA HA!!!” Wilson has changed tactics and was scraping Anna’s ticklish feet full force. “AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!” Anna screamed. Her torturer stopped and look expectantly. She hesitated. Wilson in quick succession slapped and then heavily tickled Anna’s foot bottoms and then her thick super-sensitive toes. Anna screamed hysterically and then shuddered and finally surrendered, becoming submissive to her tormenter…….

“Well….?” Wilson asked. “Down stairs in the Beach Room” Anna mumbled through her gag. “Go take care of them” the officer said to Beck. “Right!” Beck smiled evilly as she left.

“Well,” Wilson said as she surveyed her ticklish prisoners, “what shall we talk about?” Anna snorted, and Wilson smiled as she reached for the jar of Itching Powder. Anna’s eyes widened, and she began to plead “Please Mistress don’t,” she managed to get passed the gag before Wilson happily applied large amounts of powder to Anna’s and Connie’s toes. Both girls were in agony. “AAARRRGGGGG!!! AAAAA NNNN–OOOO AHAHAHAHHAHAH!” Wilson both pairs of ticklish feet at the same time.

After a half hour of ticklish torment both Anna and Connie were exhausted and had told Wilson all they knew. Wilson gave them a rest break, and pondered the information she acquired through ticklish means. Her head popped up as she heard a sound, then she smiled, it was the sound of two voices in hysterical torment. “I will be right back my ticklish slave girls!” she grinned and ran her fingers down Anna and Connie’s feet, applied more powder, and pulled feathers half way through their toes. She left them both laughing so hard they had tears running down their cheeks.

Wilson followed the sound of laughter to a room marked ‘Beach Room’. By the time she got there the laughter had stopped. She went in, In the room was nothing but sand everywhere, looking like a beach, giving the room its name. In the middle of the room, there was two sets of bare feet sticking out of the sand, the toes of both tightly tied to two sticks placed in between each pair of feet. Muffled giggling came from under two towels placed on top of the victims’ faces. Wilson squatted down in front of the barefeet and began tickling them full force. Laughter erupted from under the towels. She tickled both feet with a vengeance for about five minutes, chuckling “Hey partner, where you at, come join the fun!” She finished off the tickle torture with a bit of in between toe tickling, and then pulled off the towels with a jerk.

Wilson started back, Beck was there buried in the sand, barefoot and gagged. It had been her feet she had been tickling!! The women buried and gagged next to her was the one they has followed! Wilson heard a noise behind her, she turned around and saw the Madam there with another woman. She also was the Madam’s fist coming at her! Too late! It was the last thing saw……… Wilson woke up and looked groggily around. She was in the Dungeon room. Her jaw hurt. She was cold. She looked down and saw the reason for the chill, she was naked and had been put in the very same stocks her ticklish prisoners had been in. She was gagged and she felt that her toes had been tied tight. She looked to her right, and saw Beck stocked, gagged and toe-tied like her. Beck looked worst for wear, she was sweating, had tear streaks down her face, and had a terrified, submissive look in her eye. She looked at Wilson, blushed and hung her head. Wilson felt something sharp on her feet and jumped and squealed! “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!Something was tickling her barefeet! It was Anna, grinning devilishly and raking her nails up and down and in between Wilson’s toes! “AAAAAA N-NNOOOOO, AAHHAHAHAHAHA!!”Anna stopped long enough for the Madam to say a few words. “Ah, good your awake,” she smiled from her position next to a narrow table a few feet away. “We have been having a WONDERFUL time entertaining the bottoms of your friends feet!” At this she lightly ran a fingertip down the bottom of the pair of barefeet held tightly in the stocks in front of her. The toes were tied tightly and couldn’t move, but the rest of the woman shuddered and screamed through the gag. “AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!:”My, my your friends are just sooooo TICKLISH today! Yes, we have tickle tortured, um I mean talked to the bottoms of their feet by hand, and found out that my ‘trusted’, sweet little Mary, is one of YOU!!!” With this she tickled Mary’s barefeet full force, causing the petite little girl to go crazy and thrash about. “AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHANNNOOOOOOAHAHAHAH”

Wilson saw that Mary was sitting on a narrow table with her legs out in front of her locked firmly in stocks, toes tied tight. And her hands in wrist cuffs attached to a vertical bar in front of her, the bar was about one foot long and went into the table between her legs. With her barefeet in the stocks, Mary’s vagina was pulled snug against the bar making her completely helpless. Wilson could see too, she had been tickled past the point of endurance, and had a look of submissiveness about her, she was very docile towards the Madam. “You will be a good little tickle slave from now on wont you?” the Madam smiled at her submissive, ticklish slave. “Yes Mistress” Mary mumbled docilely. “Oh yes,” she smiled sweetly at Wilson, “I made a few calls, and found out that you two aren’t cops after all, your from a brothel across town sent to find out my secrets and destroy my business!””Well my dear, I had a little talk with your Madam when she foolishly came looking for you three. Her plump little toes wiggle nicely en tickled just like Mary’s here.” Another round of intense foot-tickling made Mary nearly faint.”One last thing, to you all,” grinned the Madam as she headed toward the door, “seeing as your former Madam is currently up to her neck in sand, and my ladies are extracting the most wonderful sounds from that gagged mouth of hers by seeing which of her barefeet is the most ticklish….well lets just say you should get used to wearing a collar and wearing feathers between your toes!”

The Madam laughed as she headed out the door, she had a hot date with her newest tickle slaves wonderfully terrible ticklish barefeet, on the beach! Yes, it will be a nice day after all…………..

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