Super Bowl Erotic Tickling Story

My wife Sally learned a valuable lesson last year during the Super Bowl. She was raised a Cowboy Fan and learned to hate the 49′ers over the years. She foolishly bet on a San Diego upset, partly because of my taunting and partly because she knew the penalty for losing the bet. You see my wife loves to be tied down and played with, and since one of my favorite fantasies include bondage and tickling, I go along with these silly bets.

I had her tied face-down, spread-eagle when suddenly I heard a car pull up to the house. Much to my surprise it was my wife’s ex-friend from down the street. Apparently a few weeks back they had a disagreement concerning some day care expenses, and Sally had insulted her friend Tina by calling her kids brats. After hearing the story I thought Sally had acted irrationally and told her but she just blew me off and that was suppose to be that. I met Tina at the door and she explained how sorry she was and although she was really upset, she wanted to apoligize and get on with the friendship. I asked Tina if she was sure of this since it wasn’t the first time Sally had treated her badly. Tina agreed she had been treated badly but didn’t know what to do. That’s when I dropped the bomb and let her know Sally was tied-up upstairs and blind folded as aprt of a game we always play. Tina got a wicked smile on her face and asked me what I had in mind. I explained that Sally had one weakness to her tough exterior, she wavery ticklish. Tina readily agreed to my plan and asked me if I minded video taping the tickle torture of my wife. I was surprised by her boldness, as she set the ground rules for tickling. She preferred to do all the tickling and agreed to let my wife take short breaks, but expalined that she was an “expert” at tickling and promised my wife would never forget this. Now I knew Sally was extremely ticklish and never really pushed her too much, thus never really getting to enjoy a good tickling session.

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Sally greeted me when I entered the room by saying, “Boy, talk about taking your time, you remind me of Tina down the street.” She giggled at this and Tina just smiled as she arranged a few items around the bed. Sally was unaware of Tina’s presence, and we agreed that her identity would be kept secret until later. Sally threatened me with revenge if I didn’t hurry up, as she talked, Tina kicked off her sandals and crept onto the foot of the bed between Sally’s legs. The weight on the bed surprised Sally as she realized we weren’t alone. Sam? What’s going on? she almost screamed, but I assured her everything was alright, but that we had a visitor who really wanted to tickle her. Sally was beside herself, she was scared but also mystified by our visitor. Sally and I often talked about including someone in our love making but we never felt confortable with anyone we met, but now I know Sally was wondering who had entered our bedroom.

Tina was cat-like in her appearance, 5’11″ tall, dark skinned, long brunette hair, with long finger-nails painted bright red, and size 38 breast. Of course the feature I like the best was her size 10 feet. Sally on the other hand was shorter at 5’7″, fair skin, and short blonde hair, she looked extremely sexy dressed only in her bikini briefs. Of course she possessed perfectly shaped size 7 feet. Sally was yelling for me to untie her, when Tina drew a figure eight with a stiff feather across her back. Sally burst out with an excited giggle, as the feather traced back-and-forth over her bare back. STOP!! she screamed, but Tina just smiled and continued to trace the feather over her ticklish back. After 5 minutes of light tickling designed to put Sally in a state of hysteria. Tina gave a wink to the camera as she draped herself over Sally’s right leg with her intened target the right foot. Sally was now begging for the tickling to stop, but the look of power on Tina’s face showed no mercy, as she lightly scrated Sally’s super sensitive pink sole. I was extremely aroused and could barely hold the camera as I watched with a dry mouth, Tina expertly exploring the ticklish spots over Sally’s captive foot. She used her index finger to trace the wrinkles of the soles, using a slow methodic approach that drove Sally absolutely nuts. Then grabbing a ball-point pen, she drew a tic-tact-toe game on Sally’s foot and invited me to play. I set the camera in place and joined in the fun. We would purposely let each other win so we could draw the straight line connecting the winners. After fifteen games Sally was hoarse with laughter. She pleaded to be relesed, but Tina just smiled and moved over to her left leg. She grabbed an ice cube and slowly applied it to the back of Sally’s left knee and continued down to the helpless left foot. Sally squirmed, bounced and threatened to pull the bed apart as the ice cubes froze out her ticklish foot.

Sally was given 10 minutes to rest, but this time was used to retie her now face up, with her feet bound together at the end of the bed. Tina went downstairs and returned with a jar of caramel cream from our fridge. She again gave me a wicked smile and proceeded to apply the caramel over Sally’s lushes toes. I excused myself so I could go to the bathroom and relieve my buldging member. The excruciating screams that bellowed from the bedroom instantly brought me to orgasm. As I entered the room, Sally was now moaning more than laughing as I witnessed Tina performing excellent head to the toes of my captive wife. In fact, Tina’s hips were actually moving in a familiar motion as she grinded her hips into my wife’s shaking knees. Tina was skillful in gliding her tongue between Sally’s pretty digits, lightly running her fingers over the exposed soles, exiting giggles between Sally’s moans. After 15 minutes of toe sucking fun, Tina decided on a finale, probably because she orgasmed herself. With Q-tips in each hanshe straddled Sally’s waist and began drawing circles in the hallow of Sally’s arm pits. She squeeled as the fine tips found the soft exposed underarms. Tina ran the Q-tips over the outside and bottom of Sally’s breast as they jiggled in rythym with Sally’s spastic laughter. Dropping the Q-tips and using her fingers to massage Sally’s stomach and ribs was a sight of beauty. Screaming and giggling between pleas of mercy gave me another erection, that once again I had to go take care of. When I entered the room again, Sally’s blindfold and binds had been removed and Sally and Tina were embraced in a deep kiss. My presence broke their kiss, only to hear Sally exclaim that it was now my turn to feel the wrath of Tina’s tickle torture. More later…..

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