Springbreak Erotic Tickling Story

“So, that’s why I need your help.”

“Look, Jamie, I understand you want to get revenge on your roommate, I just

don’t see what I can do.” Maria explained. The Mexican girl had been Jamie’s

friend at work for sometime now, but this was the first time Jamie had ever

asked her to do anything non-work related, if not illegal.

“Maria, you’re the office manager, so you order all the supplies, I need you to

do this for me or it won’t work.” Jamie had been planning revenge on Denise for

a week now after her blonde roommate had gassed and tickled her. “It’ll be

easy, all you have to do is get me another tank and I’ll do the rest.”

“I think your asking me to do something illegal.”

“What if I paid for the tank, would that be illegal?”

“Well-,” Maria pondered the thought.

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“Good I knew you’d help. As soon as you can get a tank, let me know, meanwhile

I’ll be coming up with a plan.”

It took Maria about a week to figure out how to hide a missing tank of nitrous

oxide. It was kind of fun, playing “Mission Impossible”, when she was satisfied

they wouldn’t be caught, she let Jamie know.

“Great, bring the tank by my apartment Friday night and we can set my plan into


“Wait, I said I’d get the tank for you, but I can’t help you with the revenge


“What do you mean? You’re a vital part of the plan. I can’t do this without


“How did I get involved with all that part, I was just going to get the tank

and that was it.”

“Look I already told Denise that I had a friend at work who needed a good

laugh, so we bring you to the apartment, overpower her, then gas and tickle her.

It’ll be a blast.”

“But, I’m not sure Jamie, I mean, tickling someone while they can’t help

themselves, isn’t that cruel?” Maria shuddered at the though of someone doing

that to her, much less two people. As ticklish as she was, she would go crazy

if she couldn’t help herself.

Jamie could see the uneasiness in Maria’s eyes and decided to file it away for

future use. She thought up a quick compromise.

“Tell you what, bring the tank by Friday night, dress like we’re going to a

club, help me gas her and if you don’t want to stay after that, you can go,


Still reluctant, Maria agreed.

Friday came very quickly for the timid Latina; she left the dentist office at

five with a nod to Jamie and went home to change for their evening. She wore a

little black tank dress and black nylons. She stepped into her four-inch black

stiletto pumps and buckled the ankle straps. She was out the door at eight.

She arrived at Jamie apartment and knocked on the door. Denise opened it

“Hi, you must be Maria.”

“Yes, you are Denise.”

The two shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. Denise offered Maria a seat

and then went upstairs to get Jamie.

Maria set her bag down and sat in the center of the couch, admiring the setting

of the apartment. Denise returned a moment later, stating that Jamie hadn’t

finished getting dress yet. She came up behind Maria and quickly grabbed her

right wrist, snapping a handcuff into place over it.

The move had caught Maria totally off guard as the strong blonde pulled her to

one end of the couch.

Denise flopped on top of her and quickly cuffed the Latina’s wrist behind her


“Wait! Please, what are you doing?”

“Just doing to you what you planned to do to me later tonight.” Denise reached

under the couch and pulled a roll of duct tape from beneath. Ripping a small

strip, she placed it over Maria’s mouth. She helped the girl off her stomach.

She forced Maria up the stairs and into Jamie’s room where Maria finally saw her


Jamie was already dressed in a tight black mini-skirt. She was wearing a white

silk top and tan nylons. Her shoes were black pumps similar to Maria’s, but

they were nowhere near her feet, they were tossed to the side of the room near

the closet. The girl’s hands were tied above her head and a rope tethered them

to the headboard. Her ankles were placed across the footboard and tied down

with more rope, allowing her stocking feet to wriggle but not move. A strip of

duct tape covered her mouth as well. There was a coil of rope wrapped a few

times around her waist and tied there, but it wasn’t tied to anything, just

knotted around her.

“You see,” Denise began, “Jamie here can keep a secret, and she never hides her

diary.” She pushed Maria down on the bed face down and tied the free rope

around the helpless girl’s waist, effectively binding them together face to

face. Using a final piece of rope, she crossed Maria’s ankles and tied them to

the footboard near Jamie. “Now, let’s see what you brought us.” Denise left

the room and returned a few moments later with Maria’s bag, the tank of nitrous

nestled inside. “Now let me show you what I got recently.” Denise pulled two

devices from her coat pocket. Both were plugs that had two outlets that fit

perfectly into the captive girl’s nostrils. She used scotch tape on their faces

to hold the lines down, so the girls couldn’t shake them off. She connected the

leader lines from the plugs to the line coming off the tank. She eased the

valve open and heard the familiar hissing sound.

Jamie and Maria were trying their best to get out of their predicament; they

both were already tired of struggling when the gas began to take effect.

Jamie’s eyes went to their feet and widened in terror. Maria craned her neck

back to see Denise playfully working at the ankle straps of her shoes. She

tried to scream, but the duct tape did its job, muffling the cries of anguish.

The gas began to work on her also, bringing forth a muffled guffaw at the end of

her scream, as she thought of Denise’s sharp nails going to work on her ticklish


Denise undid one clasp and then the other as Maria’s wiggling feet began to

pull themselves free of her loosened shoes. What’s better than having someone

helplessly laughing before you? Having two people helplessly laughing before


Maria felt her shoes fall from her feet and laughed through her terror. She

began to laugh harder as the sharp fingernails began to slowly trace across her

sensitive soles. She tried to pull away but the rope held her and Jamie’s

waists together. She looked into Jamie’s laughing face to see her shudder with


Not wanting her roommate to feel ignored, Denise began to run her fingers

lightly over Jamie’s soles as well. Having tickled her unmercifully earlier,

she noticed that Jamie would tire easily, leaving poor Maria to feel the full

brunt of the laughing terror.

After twenty minutes the two gigglers had fully succumb to the gas and Denise

could ease up on the foot torture.

They laughed heartily until the duct tape had pulled free from Maria’s mouth.

The laughing Latina’s giggles filled the room for about ten minutes until both

her and Jamie had passed out from the laughing anxiety.

“What to do? What to do?” Denise spoke aloud. “What to do to them next?” She

looked at the gauge on the tank, “We still have almost a whole tank to use.

Looks like we’re going to have a fun weekend. I hope you two don’t have

anything planned.” Denise left her two sleeping companions tied in the room.

Still wondering what to do next.

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